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  1. Raen Andaleio

    RMMV Can't move selection in Inventory list

    Hello, I'm trying to create a window that displays a list of the party's inventory, similar to the normal inventory list, but for a different purpose. Creating the windows and getting a list of the items is not the problem, I also managed to get the items to display. However, I can't move the...
  2. Raen Andaleio

    RMMV Item Combination Plugin (Point & Click Style)

    Hello, I don't know if something like this already exists. I wouldn't be surprised if it does, but I couldn't find it. If anyone knows of such a plugin, please point me in the direction of it. I'm looking for a plugin for MV that opens a window where I can select two items from the inventory...
  3. Raen Andaleio

    RMMV Remove "select target" for items and spells if scope is "The User"

    Hello, I have items that apply states to the user. So, their scope is "THE USER". However, when the player selects them, they are still required to select the user as target, even though the user is the only available selection. That's unnecessary and redundant. Is there an easy way to fix this...
  4. Raen Andaleio

    ReferenceError - is it me or is it the engine?

    Hello, I'm trying to create a simple teleportation script that allows the player to instantly move a certain amount of tiles into the direction they are facing. Setup is, I have a common event that keeps listening for the button 'T' to be triggered. When that happens, it calls a plugin command...
  5. Raen Andaleio

    Changes to events only take effect after starting a new game

    Hello, I've only just recently noticed this, and I'm certain it wasn't like that before. Basically, when I test something that is a bit further into the game, I go there, save and then test. If I need to change anything, I do that. Now I noticed that if I change an event and then load a...
  6. Raen Andaleio

    Yanfly Item Core - make item always independent?

    Hello, I'm using Yanfly Item Core for its function to introduce random variance into item stats. I understand that these variances can only be created for "independent" (non-stacking) items. But it seems items can only be independent if an inventory limit for these items is set. This is very...
  7. Raen Andaleio

    SumRndmDde's Summon Core and Yanfly Battle Engine

    Hello, I noticed that SumRndmDde's Summon Core and Yanfly Battle Engine Core sadly are not compatible. If the battle engine is active, the summoned characters are not visible on screen in sideview. They are there, but either not rendered, rendered offscreen or behind the backdrop or something...
  8. Raen Andaleio

    Randomizing items/enemies

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to create random items (armor, weapons). The idea would be to have a base item, say, a sword that does 10 physical damage, and add random additional boni/mali (e.g. +5 strength, -2 int) or enchantments (e.g. additional +5 fire damage). Another thing...
  9. Raen Andaleio

    Bigger Horses

    Hi, I use bigger character sprites (XP style) and the original horse sprites were way too small. So I edited them to increase their size to 200%. Maybe they're of use to you, too. You may do with them as you please, as long as you own a legal copy of RPG Maker. To use them, add a $ before the...
  10. Raen Andaleio

    Covered Wagon

    Hello everyone, maybe someone's made those before, but I was unable to find anything. I'm looking for sprites of covered wagons for MV, similar style or VX style, and they should be available for commercial use. Kind of like >>these<< for MV. I'm aware of Johan86's wagon, but that looks too...
  11. Raen Andaleio

    Kiln for MV?

    Hello, basically, I have a map that is a clay pit. I figured the guys gathering clay there will bake at least some of it into bricks, so they might have kilns at that location. However, I couldn't find anything that might work. Does anyone have an idea where I could get a graphik for a kiln in...
  12. Raen Andaleio

    VX Ace battlers for MV?

    Hello, I hope this is the right category. I'm not asking someone to do this for me, I'm just asking if anything like this is out there. While I do love the MV, I absolutely hate the enemy battler graphics. IMHO, they're completely inappropriate for any type of game that's not some sort of...
  13. Raen Andaleio

    Gameover Screen Menu

    Hello, I used Soulpour777's Gameover Commands plugin to display a custom menu after gameover, allowing the player to choose to load a saved game or return to the title screen. Now, since I learnt about the issue with Soulpour777, I don't know wether this plugin was original or stolen. Thus I'm...
  14. Raen Andaleio

    Game with multiple languages?

    Hello, I'm thinking about releasing my game on Steam, but only if I can provide it in different languages. The original game is German, I intend to translate it into English and maybe Spanish and/or French. Now, I don't want to check a variable on each dialogue, text and whatnot to decide which...
  15. Raen Andaleio

    Attack on enemy applies state to attacker, possible?

    Hello, I'm trying to create sort of a cursed armor. It increases the character's ATK, but every attack (normal attack or skill) has a chance to prevent the player from attacking again for 1 round. The original idea was to deactivate the player's ability to attack or use any skills, but still be...
  16. Raen Andaleio

    YEP Skill Core - skill dependent on equipped armor

    Hello, I was told that, using YEP SkillCore, I can use the "Custom Show Eval" notetags to add custom dependencies for skills to be visible/hidden. However, try as I might, I could not find how to formulate the if statement. I have a skill that is dependent on certain armor. To pieces of armor...
  17. Raen Andaleio

    Changing the Click-Effect

    Hello, you know that flashing white rectangle when you click somewhere? I think it looks like a placeholder, waiting for a nice graphic to replace it with. I know where the effect is defined - it's in the rpg_sprites.js at line 2084, but I don't know how to make it into a graphic rather than...
  18. Raen Andaleio

    Storing arrays persistently?

    Hello, I'm implementing a fast travel mechanic in my game. Basically, the player has an item that allows him to store locations. He can then use the item to call up a menu to return to these locations instantly. The item stores the Map ID, as well as the X and Y coordinates of the player in the...
  19. Raen Andaleio

    Flexible mapping / Sub-Maps?

    Hello, I don't know if there is anything out there that does this - I could not find anything. I'm not even sure if it's possible. Any help would be highly appreciated. I'm planning on making a game based around building a town. As such, the map of the town will change over time, as buildings...
  20. Raen Andaleio

    Working parallax mapping plugin compatible with Terrax Lightning?

    Hello, I'm looking for a parallax mapping plugin that is compatible with Terrax Lightning. So far I tried TDDP_BindPicturesToMap which does what it's supposed to. However, it seems to deactivate Terrax Lightning completely. I also tried Kaus_Ultimate_Overlay and OrangeOverlay. While they...

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