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  1. matthias1

    RMMV 1927: The Age of Cthulhu

    Hi there! Welcome to my developer thread for the game "1927: The Age of Cthulhu". Before getting started, you might be interested in my other thread, located in the link below: Related thread - Character Creation with 1920's fashion There is also some brief game-play footage located here...
  2. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    I don't believe so. You would have to do some tinkering with the grid and the character size.
  3. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    I have not tried it out in GIMP yet. Feel free to give it a try. Terms of use are pretty simple. Free to use for commercial and non-commercial products! Just give credit to Matthias1. You are also free to edit, manipulate, or expand upon the graphics in any way you want, as long as you share...
  4. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    It looks pretty good in game, however I think it would probably benefit from having more frames. Since the release of this version, I've actually improved the walking frame a little bit. The arms move out a little too much from the front and back view so I made some corrections. Looks pretty...
  5. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    Thanks for your words of support. Please spread the word! I'd like as many people using my style as possible.
  6. matthias1

    NPC approach player when looked at

    Yanfly has a series of Plugins which help with this. Check it out:
  7. matthias1

    Where's the best place to commission artists for making spritesheets and other assets?

    Show me your art style and I can let you know if I can replicate it. I prefer doing semi-realistic looking anime, as opposed to chibi. Here are some samples of what I've done.
  8. matthias1

    FREE [Help Wanted] Mad Sin

    What kind of character graphic art do you fancy? If you don't want to use chibi, I am in the process of making my own character generator. So far the fashion attire is 1920's, but that can fit your urban goth universe. The animation and graphics are being improved now, but you can keep a watch...
  9. matthias1

    I would like a more diverse set of characters, please.

    I have a sort of quasi-character generator I am working on. Eventually I might look into doing more historical clothing, but I have different races so far. My thread is here:
  10. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    Thanks, I got it fixed now!
  11. matthias1

    Looking for some Police NPC

    Hey there I've made a NYPD style Police officer. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. I made an indoor and outdoor version, plus a detective. On a separate related note, I also made a character generator here. It's a work in progress, and the animation style will improve in time. But...
  12. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here, and still new to RPG Maker MV. But when I was younger, I was quite proficient with RPG Maker 2003. Semi-unrelated note: I decided to start making a new game and got MV recently. I have no title for it , and only a basic story premise. But one of the main...
  13. matthias1

    [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I really like the plugin's design, and also like the fact that I can spend points to upgrade talents, but I'm trying to independently program each of these talents into "mini-games" of sorts (ie stealing, lockpicking, stealth). Would there be a way to get a bare bones version, that provides me...
  14. matthias1

    [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    This is a really cool idea. Thanks for bringing attention to it. I have a couple questions: 1) You say this can be easily customized to suit anyone's needs. Are there any of these talents built in, or would I still be programming each of their functions? In my other thread (that you posted on)...
  15. matthias1

    New skills help: Lock-picking, stealth, perception, etc

    Hmm, thanks, I will check this out. If anyone has any solutions for the other plugin questions, let me know. As for the charisma question, my method worked.
  16. matthias1

    New skills help: Lock-picking, stealth, perception, etc

    Hi there, I'm new. I'm a former veteran of the RPG Maker 2000/2003 era, and decided to get back into it. I want to have new mechanics in my game that most JRPG's don't have but are common in Western RPG's. I've used Yanfly's Skill tree and some other plugins, to make the foundation. Here are...

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