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  1. Matrien

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    So much amazing stuff! I am a little late, but I think my favorites from Advent are the sprites for the book and pot (I am working on a game with on-screen encounters and was already hoping to find/edit some sprites to match those battlers). I also love all the new battleback pieces. I have...
  2. Matrien

    RMMV Yanfly StatAllocation add a stat via JS script ?

    I played around with this a bit, and discovered there is a potential downside to this solution in that if you leave the plugin's Revert command enabled, the allocations added through the script call will be lost along with all normal allocations, and no Allocation Points will be returned for the...
  3. Matrien

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    @ICF-Soft Yeah, between being new to javascript/coding and pretty tired by the time I got to that point last night, I forgot that functions stop running code after a return statement, which made things seem pretty confusing... After sleeping and thinking on it a bit at work I came up with a...
  4. Matrien

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    I went ahead and tried some more troubleshooting because I am trying to learn javascript and thought working this out might help. I am still not certain how to fix the problem, but I think I found the location of the current bug, or at least am headed in the right direction. Playing around...
  5. Matrien

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    I installed version 1.09c and I still have the same problem with it ignoring the custom nparam base notetags for any beyond the first 30, unless I manually add additional '' to the obj.customNParam array. Just to be sure, I also created a fresh project with only this and your main utility...
  6. Matrien

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    Hi @ICF-Soft ! First of all, thank you for this amazing plugin. It has allowed me to begin building the custom damage and status effect mechanics I want for my game :) I believe I have found a bug to report. Using v1.09, I found that my CUSTOM NPARAM BASE notetags were not working for my...
  7. Matrien


    Thanks @Eliaquim ! Yes, I have been particularly excited by seeing so many plugin writers returning. I have played around with a lot of plugins from Galv, Himeworks and Sumrndmdde, and am really glad to see them returning to work with, or at least thinking about returning to work with MZ. I...
  8. Matrien


    Hello all, I have been using RPG Maker and lurking the forums since the latter days of VX ACE and finally decided I should go ahead and join up. I do not have a lot of time to be super active here, but with all the recent excitement around the MZ release, I realized it would be nice to be able...

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