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  1. [MV] Dragon Actor Battle Sprite

    Love this if you do finish this would you be happy to share ??
  2. Title Logo

    It looks good, thank you. I will post a preview when I have the menu coded so you can see what it looks like. EDIT: Hope you like the look
  3. Title Logo

    I am hoping some one is willing to help. I am after a title logo to go on white background. Name/Text: Titanborne Stile: Kingdom Hearts, Finale Fantasy Colour: Black, Blue Image: I don't know so have fun. Game Age: 5 - 12
  4. com_sho Arabian Tilesets

    Would you be looking to do the inside's for the tent? Love the work keep up!!
  5. RMMV Super Mystery Magazine - Character Sprite Question

    Have you tried putting the image in to google image search, I have has to do the same myself when I found a random resource.
  6. Avy's MV Stuff

    Hi Avery I would like to add you to my game as a NPC as I am using a lot of your art work, are you able to make a walking sprint of your avatar image?
  7. Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies conflicting with Bestiary plugin

    I have had to mod the the Enemybook plugin that MV comes with so I can set the img I want with Note tags, you will need to find out of you can do the same with the MrTS_MonsterBook. I had done the mod as the game I am making is just for my son.
  8. Enemies encounter depending on time of day or weather

    Hi All, Its all in the title, trying to work out how to change what enemies you encounter depending on the time, weather or both.
  9. Bodye's SV Battlers

    TOS: Credit: Boyde, Kadokawa, & whtdragon Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use Repost: Link to this thread Edits: You are free to edit Repost of Edits: Please upload any edits here so other people can use them. Maker Required: RPG Maker MV
  10. whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Hi All, This is my first edit using the largeocto head, hope you all like, I am working on the tentacles.

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