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  1. Chiakscare

    I cried today...

    I love making friends. I love talking to and helping people; sharing my life, my gifts, what wisdom I have; using what I can to dull or heal the pain someone else is feeling. Today, I think I lost a friend. Not from anything in our control, either. When I'd first started using RPGMaker all...
  2. Chiakscare

    Frequent Status Updates

    Hello! You guys may have noticed my now frequent status updates when playing a new game on stream; I was wondering if this is considered spam. Do the statuses backlog in Status page (such as being able to see my old ones)? Would updating it so frequently be considered spam?
  3. Chiakscare

    Piracy/Copyright Streaming Question

    Hi! This is more a topic for moderators since they'll know more... I'm wondering if, while streaming, if the game plays copyrighted music; does that break any rules we have hear? I don't think it counts as piracy but my co-streamer asked about it. Are we okay to stream such games that have...
  4. Chiakscare

    RPGMakerTV - Play. Learn. Create.

    (Click to be taken to the Twitch Channel)     Welcome to RPGMakerTV, a Community Project created with a vision: to showcase games made by members of our Community, teach both novice and veteran users alike how to effectively create games using the beloved RPGMaker engine, and to create simply...
  5. Chiakscare

    Where do ya'll work and whatcha do?

    After landing a job that I started on Monday and remembering how good it feels to put in a good day's work, I thought I'd ask what the people here do for their living; I work in a rock salt packing factory. I make boxes, fill boxes with 12 5x4 layers of bagged salt; line a salt-pourer with jugs...
  6. Chiakscare

    How to post images that aren't click-able?

    I have a pretty basic question but things I've looked at as solutions just give me broken images and I couldn't find something here. What I want is to display a picture on a thread that isn't clickable; static and there for flair. How's this done? Thanks for help!
  7. Chiakscare

    Event Battle Span Moment Bug?

    Hello, and welcome to my very first Script Request! I'm clueless, but maybe you guys are clueful! The issue can best be surmised as this: when you use Span Moment in Troops, it makes the game lock up; the battle menu vanishes, and the game freezes. An example is found...
  8. Chiakscare

    Shaz doesn't sleep and I'll prove it...

    Behold! They're on the forum at all hours of the day, answering questions, making me look stupid (to my learning and benefit( and now they'll be personally inspecting the messages of Classfied posters to ensure they're not spambots or posting for the +1's.  The current theory is that they are...
  9. Chiakscare

    Anyone good with Twitch?

    Hello, everyone! I wasn't sure where else to put this, so here will suffice. I am hoping to make a Twitch channel dedicated to RPGMaker. I'd like it to have polish, but am poor in the graphical department. Further, I want it to possess a noticeable RPGMaker flair, and thus desire such things...
  10. Chiakscare

    Greetings to my fellow RPGMakers!

    Hello everyone. I've been using RPGMaker since about 2006 and I just now discovered that there's a community on RPGMaker's site! Call me daft, but I began on another forum community, admittedly becoming stagnant. But now, I've made my way here to this lively place! I look forward to getting to...

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