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  1. Mystic_Enigma

    Timed Field Hazards - How do I set them up?

    *Apologies if this is in the wrong section!* So for a half of a dungeon idea I wanted to add on-field hazards, such as geysers and spike traps, that periodically pop up at regular intervals on the map. When active, they will damage the player, so they will have to time their movements right to...
  2. Mystic_Enigma

    Butterfly Battler Spritesheet

    Resource Type: Battler Spritesheet Maker Format: MV Art Style: Part Cartoony, part RTP(If that makes sense/is possible.) Description: What I seek is a spritesheet for a giant Butterfly, for available use in Sideview. The size is just about the same of the generator, maybe slightly larger due...
  3. Mystic_Enigma

    Your favorite soundtracks to casually listen to.

    Note to Mods: If there a thread similar to this one already, feel free to lock this and sorry for the trouble... Do you have any video game music or tunes that you enjoy so much that you can listen to it all day while you're relaxing at home? This doesn't have to be limited to video games...
  4. Mystic_Enigma

    Fleeing from battles(And their consequences)

    We all know how most RPG battles work. If for whatever reason you want to escape, you have a chance to get away. And you may or may not be able to due to various factors in effect. Which made me thinking: How would others (i.e.: YOU!) handle fleeing/retreating from battles? Would you take a...
  5. Mystic_Enigma

    Battler Spritesheet of Raccoon

    Heya there! I was hoping if there were any available Spritesheets floating around for a biped raccoon character. If not, I was hoping if someone is able to create one, (It's alot to ask for, I know. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to try!) Anywho, i'm looking for a cartoon-like critter that...
  6. Mystic_Enigma

    Events relating to party members leaving the party

    So I figured out how to make events work to add party members, but what if I want events to take place when they are no longer in the party? For example, you find a recruitable NPC and they join the party, and disappear from sight because they're with you now. But what if I wanted to do the...
  7. Mystic_Enigma

    Having an event play after certain actions.

    I'm trying to have it that a character must talk to a certain number of NPCs and/or collect a certain number of Key items to complete a quest. But lately it's throwing me for a loop. No matter what I do, I can't seem to make an event automatically activate once the requirements have been met. I...
  8. Mystic_Enigma

    Level Up and Experience Items

    In addition to battles, I was also thinking of providing one-off items that can be obtained. These rare items would award the selected character a set amount of experience (Think Exp boosters in most MMOs) or increase their Level by 1 or more (Think the Rare Candy in Pokemon) depending on the...
  9. Mystic_Enigma

    Events that relate to the leading party member.

    Heya there! I wanted to make it so different things on an event will occur depending on which actor is in the front of the party. For example I go to a particular character's bed and it mentions it's their own. But if the leader is anyone besides said character, the text should mention it being...
  10. Mystic_Enigma

    A series of Short Stories, as opposed to one huge one, in an RPG.

    In a sense i'm a simple man, and therefore really lousy when it comes to developing long-winded stories. As a result, I was thinking of splitting my RPG into an undetermined number of adventures and tales featuring the characters I want, in the same universe. (Or even worlds within it, like...
  11. Mystic_Enigma

    Giving items to enemies (And the consequences.)

    I was brainstorming about about how to spice up a game a little, and got hit with a great idea! But i'm stuck a little...My dilemma is as follows: I want to make it so that if you "give" a certain item to a particular enemy, something happens. If the proper conditions are met, the enemy will be...
  12. Mystic_Enigma

    How do you deal with Elements?

    Currently I have plans for including Elements (12 to be exact! Plus a neutral "Typeless" that make your typical attack) in my game idea, and wonder if i'm biting more than I can chew. In some games, your element/Type/attributes can mean the difference between victory and defeat. But I want to...
  13. Mystic_Enigma

    Ideas for Enemies and Bosses

    Have you ever wanted to make up new ideas for enemies, but end up getting stumped on exactly what they will be? Well, that's me right now! I plan to have a somewhat modern, semi futuristic fantasy setting that's also in harmony with nature (Like cities and towns alongside forests and mountains...
  14. Mystic_Enigma

    Scripts for battle reactions + Actor pictures.

    Hello there! i'm a tad hesitant to ask this much of folks, but i seek a way to tweak some features in my planned RPG style. I'm not sure if this exists somewhere, but I wish to make it so battlers(enemies in particular) will make certain movements with various battle situations. What i'm looking...
  15. Mystic_Enigma

    Greetings! An Enigma here...

    Hello there, i've only recently purchased RPG Maker VX Ace a few days ago and am pretty stoked to work on an RPG of my very own! And now I thought it'd be a good idea to join these forums for some extra help and general to that end. I'm not sure how much I would be able to contribute, I have 0%...

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