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  1. standardplayer

    100k thread

    If I timed this correctly, this is the 100,000th thread on this site! Congratulations on making it this far, all the help, support, planning, sharing, etc that goes into this site is what made it get this far. I just think it's really cool to reach a milestone, so congratulations everyone!
  2. standardplayer

    Found an old recording

    So I'm no longer really a musician, I haven't done anything serious musically in a long time, almost ten years. And when I was a musician, I was never a rapper lol, I mostly played guitar and sang. However, I used to love recording and producing, and back in the day I bought a condenser mic...
  3. standardplayer

    TRADE Seeking Team of Programmers

    To start off, I always read the rules but I'm a known idiot. So mods, if I'm posting in the wrong place, or if I have not fulfilled the requirements for posting, I do apologize, hit me with that sweet blue text. Hi, I'm standardplayer. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the guy who...
  4. standardplayer

    Saving a PIXI.Sprite as a png without User input

    So I already know how to save a PIXI.Sprite to the local file directory, I use the following function sp_Tools.download_sprite_as_png = function(sprite, fileName) { let renderer = Graphics._renderer; renderer.extract.canvas(sprite).toBlob(function(b){ var a =...
  5. standardplayer

    Generate a list of points to create an arc path

    So I do a lot of animations in JS, as far as moving things around, rotating, resizing, all sorts of stuff. When I move a sprite, I generate a set of points from it's starting location to it's target location, and without going into unnecessary detail, let's say I have smooth 'regular' movement...
  6. standardplayer

    No Activity = Freezing?

    So I've experienced this back in ACE, as well, but now I use MV. If I'm either playtesting OR playing a deployed version (executable, not hosted online), if I have to go do something, for say 10 or 20 minutes, when I come back, the frame rate has dropped to 0, and the game becomes unresponsive...
  7. standardplayer

    Sleepwalking/Sleep Drunkenness

    TLDR: I used to sleep walk badly, and still have a problem with Sleep Drunkenness. FYI: This is a super long post. The TLDR, Poll and Title sum it up. The post below is my experiences and personal feelings about it. So I had a conversation about this other day, and a very uncouth individual...
  8. standardplayer

    Multiple Styles or Colors in PIXI.Text object

    I've been all over the PIXI Documentation, and have googled around for a few hours looking for an answer to this. I'm making a custom Text Manager for the project I'm working on. I can get it to do everything I want so far, but I'm having trouble with this one thing. I want to be able to change...
  9. standardplayer

    The Forum Archetypes

    *Note* To have fun on this thread, you're gonna have to be able to poke fun at yourself. None of us are perfect, and it's ok to call yourself out on stuff XD So if you've been on this or other forums, you may notice we incidentally tend to fit into certain archetypes, with certain patterns of...
  10. standardplayer

    SP_GEC - Global Event Caller

    Script Name: SP_GEC.js Goal: Call any page of any event on any map, with the option of using that event's page requirements. Progress: Complete - Open for testing/suggestions Features: -Run any page of any event, on any map. -Option to require all of the called event's Page conditions (except...
  11. standardplayer

    Cringe Stories

    RULES: This story has to involve you being the cause or subject of your own cringe. DO NOT TELL STORIES YOU HEARD, OR JUST STUFF YOU WITNESSED. YOU HAVE TO BE THE CRINGE CULPRIT. I think the title is self explanatory, but if not, let me explain. At least three times a day, I have to stop what...
  12. standardplayer

    Emphasis on the WRONG word!

    So this one is hard to explain, but there are times when someone says a phrase, a title, or something with more than one word (usually two), and they put the emphasis on the wrong word. It drives me NUTS. Here's an example. In America, there a quite a few Six Flags theme parks. They have them...
  13. standardplayer

    Do You Believe In Spooky/Supernatural Stuff?

    I searched the forum, sure that something like this probably exists already. But just like paranormal stuff, I couldn't seem to come up with any evidence :D So how about it. Do you believe in the paranormal? Let's leave aliens out of it. Just talk about the classics, ghosts, spirits, demons...
  14. standardplayer

    FREE [SUSPENDED]Astral Project [A Ghost Hunting Simulator]

    UPDATE: As of October 28 2019, the recruitment for this project is suspended due to general lack of interest. I'm realizing this concept is not easy to properly communicate. I will be working on a demo before reopening recruitment, so that the concept is clearer. Project Title (placeholder...
  15. standardplayer

    Please find this funny

    So I have a problem. I'm not here to complain, but my childhood was pretty bad. I'm not gonna get into to much detail, because like I said, I'm not here to complain. Furthermore, I don't see much reason in complaining. I'm an adult, and have been for quite some time lol. It's the past. That's...
  16. standardplayer

    The dumbest thing(s) you've ever had said to you

    So first of all, let me try to set some ground rules. This topic can be difficult to post on without being super mean, so PLEASE...try not to be too brutal. If you need to demonstrate that the author of the statement you wish to share is a little on the unintelligent side, try to make it...
  17. standardplayer

    Your Dream Career

    I searched around the forum and couldn't find a thread like this, though I'm sure one exists somewhere on this site. Anyway, what's your dream job/career? Obviously, most of us here would like to make video games, so let's keep that response out of this. It can be totally real, it can be...
  18. standardplayer


    I'm outta here folks, @Finnuval @samkfj @BadLittleSeed @OmnislashXX @Poryg @Sauteed_Onion Go-go status rangers!
  19. standardplayer

    How I met Biggs

    This story is entirely true, and while it may not seem absolutely crazy, it's something that makes me wonder about fate. Also, be warned. Biggs is my cat. If you don't care, I totally understand. Most people don't wanna hear about how you met your cat. When I was about 23 or 24, my girlfriend...
  20. standardplayer

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    You're going through you're day, minding your own business when BAM! You realize that you've been repeating a song in your head for the last 15 minutes. Sometimes it's because they're good. Sometimes it's because they're terrible. Sometimes it just...because. List them here. If it's an awful...

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