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  1. Quigon


    Credit: Quigon/Mark McKeich/Lost Highway Commercial Use: Free Repost: Yes, please link back Edits: ^^^ Repost of Edits: Yes Maker Required: Any Hi everybody! After about a year of lurking around and not doing much in the ways of releasing anything, I thought I'd get a little steam going and...
  2. Quigon


                  In 17th century New England, a man named Sebastian hunts for a wolf that has ravaged his farm and killed his animals for a month. In the vast woodlands beside his family's homestead, he follows a trail of blood towards a weird, otherworldly totem...
  3. Quigon

    Your Best Playlists~

    Because there ain't nothing as fun as sharing music - what's your most fire mixtape? Not a topic for advertising your own tunes, just one for showing off some rad playlists and getting some people into some good musics. I ask because I made a pretty good one today after playing Bioshock Infinite...
  4. Quigon

    MV: Animated Retro Sprite~

    As much as I'm getting better at pixel art, I am having a hella bad time with sprites, so I thought I'd try my luck here while I practice, at least so I can get a good base to work from if nothing else. I'm looking for a sprite for my main character in this pixel art style;
  5. Quigon

    [RGSS2 - RGSS3] IEX Extended Item Description Conversion?

    Looking to have a short script converted from RGSS2 to RGSS3. I've looked around and haven't really found a similar script for Ace that does this (though if you know of any then please let me know!), but this script in RMVX basically allows you to press a button of your choice while hovering...
  6. Quigon

    No Counter Attack if TP = 0 & counter attacks using TP

    Just looking for a quick snippet, don't know how easy it is but I thought I'd ask! I've looked around and haven't really found anything, but I'm wondering if someone could write me a script that disables actor counterattacks if their TP is currently at 0. I'm using an ATB and have counters set...
  7. Quigon

    The Widower

              A shocking murder of a young woman tears the quiet town of Fleetswood apart overnight. Philip Dunpenny, a soon-to-retire detective, and his partner Tommy take on the case and hunt down the killer. Though as the case continues and the body count increases, it's apparent that there's...
  8. Quigon


        A lonely songwriter finds himself marooned on a strange, dream-like island where anything appears possible. Sheet music rains from the clouds, the horizon fades into the sky, and the few inhabitants that he comes across speak in strange tongues and peculiar riddles. As the surroundings...
  9. Quigon

    Front view couch tiles.

    Okay, so I have been trying and trying to edit existing couch tiles to fit my needs, but considering I don't have an art bone in my body I can't for the life of me shift the perspective enough in the colours to make it look as if it's facing forward. What I'm looking for are couch/chair tiles...
  10. Quigon

    [ACE] Side-view paper airplane sprite.

    Howdy! My request is pretty simple and allll I need is this; (I tried it myself but I can't draw it without it looking like a messy white scribble) - A right-facing paper airplane. Doesn't need to be a full sprite (unless you fancy making animation frames but it's not necessary). I need it to...
  11. Quigon

    Shopping Cart Tile

    Howdy~ I'm looking for a 32x32 shopping cart. I've looked all over the internet and have come up empty handed, so here I am.  I was looking to make something like this when I found the cart tile; With all the blankets and bags and stuff, but I thought I'd request that done with the tile...
  12. Quigon

    Need help altering the resolution of Mog's gallery script.

    Hey! I've recently started using Mog's picture gallery script in my project, however there's an issue - here; The header and footer images are fine, and the icons of the pictures are fine as I've edited them all to work with the new resolution, however I can't find or figure out how to...
  13. Quigon

    Simple Item Menu

    Hey all! I took the liberty of making a mockup, complete with width and height values to make it easier for anyone who fancies giving this a shot. I'm looking for a new item menu. It should remove the categories, shrink the window, and only show the item description. Here's the mockup I made...
  14. Quigon

    Looking for some icons.

    I've looked through a lot of icon sheets but haven't really found a few icons I'm needing - thought I'd come here to request a talented individual to give them a whirl. The good news is most of them are the same shape, and would require just some colour changes. I'll throw in some reference...
  15. Quigon

    Scrollable Menu Objective Box

    This is pretty beyond me, so I thought I'd request it here. It's not so much an in depth 'quest system' I'm looking for by any means, it's just a large text box plopped in the main menu to show a current objective. Here's a mock up of what I'm looking for; ...and here's a more detailed list...
  16. Quigon

    CD Case Icon

    Howdy~ I am looking for a CD case icon with this cover (glorious album btw)- to be in a 24x24 icon. I know you won't be able to get all the detail in obviously, but as long as the colours are pretty similar and it looks like a front-facing CD case then that's all fine with me. And I'd prefer...
  17. Quigon

    Simplified/Minimal Equip Scene

    I've been scratching my head over this for a few days now and've realised that editing the default scripts is getting me nowhere, so I thought I'd come and make a request here~   I'm looking to have an equip scene that looks like this. Enjoy my awful mockup.     So as you can see from there...
  18. Quigon

    Looking for a wheelchair sprite.

    Howdy all, here's what I'm looking for - a wheelchair sprite, in four directions with animated wheels. Something like this would suit just fine. I'm using sprites that are a smidgeon smaller than the RTP, so it'd need to not dwarf them in size - I'd reckon the RTP would be good to base it...
  19. Quigon

    Irreversible Decisions

    Howdy! Here's the question I pose - what do you all think of decisions in game that you can't reverse?  The best example of this would be a game that autosaves after major events. Say you meet this NPC, and for some reason you really, really don't like him. So you decide - hey, maybe the...
  20. Quigon

    The Mnemosyne Derivative

    I've been wanting to share this for a little while, but here's the first chapter of my finished dissertation (don't worry, uni's over now) that I'm planning on turning into a longer, more full work. Just wanted some opinions on it. It's a big ol' sci-fi existential stream of consciousness crazy...

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