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  1. aliensalmon

    Describe what your first game was like.

    My first game was Project Rachel, made with the VX Ace engine. It was a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid, similar to my other recently abandoned game, Project Elemental. It has similar characters and themes. I've been starting and restarting the project ever since that first iteration.
  2. aliensalmon

    Escape from the City

    Interesting idea.
  3. aliensalmon

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Hmm...that's a good point about the edges (even though it looks pretty.) I guess the map is kinda large, I agree.
  4. aliensalmon

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I'm still learning how to create maps, but I'll show off this indoor map for criticism.
  5. aliensalmon

    How to Write a Good Game Thread (and synopsis)

    Hmm...I'll try to keep this in mind. Thanks for the advice!
  6. aliensalmon

    How much advertising is too much?

    That sounds reasonable, Makio-Kuta, I guess I'll do that...although I probably committed one of your "sins" by putting a pity-post in my project thread....
  7. aliensalmon

    How much advertising is too much?

    I'm starting to get tempted advertising my (mostly) non-commercial game that I posted in "Early Project Feedback" more (due to the lack of interest), but at the same time I don't want to be too "pushy" about something people might not like in the first place. So, my question for you is...should...
  8. aliensalmon

    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    Why does everything I create suck so hard? There must be a problem I'm not seeing....
  9. aliensalmon

    To Light: Ex Umbra (Update: 3/29 DEMO ADDED!)

    I like the screenshots and artwork!
  10. aliensalmon

    What things make an RPG Maker game stand out to you?

    I'll have to admit that for a game to stand out for me, it should have one of the following: Attractive characters Interesting premise/synopsis Nice Screenshots Nice artwork
  11. aliensalmon

    So my battle system is weird

    Add the skill type to the actor or class.
  12. aliensalmon

    What do you think of games with a spiritual figure/deity as the antagonist?

    It seems to be a common theme in Japanese RPGs to have a spiritual figure or deity as an antagonist. I dunno, I think there is some guilty pleasure in defeating a deity in a video game (maybe its the sense you defeated a powerful figure that people have worshipped.) I'm toying with putting the...
  13. aliensalmon

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Ah great work. Thank you for these. I'll use 'em in my game and credit you properly.
  14. aliensalmon

    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    I made some updates since my last post: -Added new feautres such as a cooking system and slippery tiles -Added more places to the game world Screenshots:
  15. aliensalmon

    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    Ah, I get what you're saying. I guess I should diversify my jokes in this new game.
  16. aliensalmon

    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    So, from what I've read in this topic...stoner comedy is a no-go. Hmm...I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the responses!
  17. aliensalmon

    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    I admit that I made a little reference to illegal drugs in my current MV game (and in earlier games, too.) I had a character who was dealing "good stuff" (which is not named). In my upcoming sci-fi project, I'm thinking about making one of my playable alien characters be a druggie (a la "Paul")...
  18. aliensalmon

    'Types' Discussion

    I have 14 elements in my game right now. Physical Fire Ice Thunder/Electricity Water Earth Wind Light Darkness Then others based on Pokemon types: Nature (plant and insect based moves) Metal Mind/Psychic Fighting (Martial Arts and aura) Ghost I'm...
  19. aliensalmon

    What kinds of governments do you include in your games?

    I've kinda asked this question before, but in a different way more than a year ago. Since it was a popular question to answer, I've decided to bring it back (somewhat) and see if opinions have changed any. In my current MV project, the game starts out in a democratic Republic where some of...
  20. aliensalmon

    BerryB Archives - MV Free Art Resource Packs

    These are pretty good! Thank you for this!

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