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  1. l8rose

    L8rose's MZ Edits

    RPGMaker MZ Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MZ. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MZ credits are required. Note: Spiderwebs aren't edited but free for use in the gravestone's cases. These are mostly just recolors made for the...
  2. l8rose

    Change Choice Text Size

    Is there any way to change the size of the text in the default choice boxes? I know how to create new choice boxes with common events but I'd prefer not to have to do this if I can just edit the text size as that's the only issue with my choice boxes.
  3. l8rose

    Making a Movable Wall with Events

    This tutorial covers creating a movable wall as seen in the following brief video. Designed For: Rpg Maker MV Requirements: RPg Maker MV, Orange Mapshot and an Editing Program Using events and a slightly over large image, you can easily create a moving wall event. It does involve a small...
  4. l8rose

    RMMV Noavel Manor [Travel Game Jam Inspired]

    Noavel Manor Nissa Mikaelson was on her way to the Capital of the Southern Kingdom when a nasty storm has forced her to seek shelter in the Manor of Lord Ranley. Everyone has heard the terrible rumors of the Manor. That the Lord himself has not been seen in ten years and far darker things...
  5. l8rose

    Map Building: To Edge or not to Edge

    So as the title asks, when you build a map, do you go to the edge or do you leave a little room? Personally, I've always been the type to go to the edge of the map for my transitions to a new map or edge of the "view". I've had a few people comment on that being a negative thing which always...
  6. l8rose

    L8rose's VNMaker Resources

    Commercial and Non-Commercial While a credit is nice, it's not necessary Need a valid VNM Rusty Dialogue Box - Includes PSD for tweaking - - Done for 1280 x 720 resolution - - Font: Agency FB - [ Link ]
  7. l8rose

    What is your New Years Resolution

    So New Years is just around the corner and it's a time of new beginnings. I've decided I'm going to practice drawing more. I really let my usual practice fall by the wayside over the last year so I've set myself a goal to do a sketch everyday for the next year starting with 31 in January (fun...
  8. l8rose

    IGMC Submissions & Ratings

    Believe this is the right forum but apologies if it's not. So the IGMC Submission phase is done and it's on to Ratings for the games submitted. A total of 353 games means there are a whole lot out there to go through. I've managed to find a few from people here but that is a lot to skim...
  9. l8rose

    RMMV River Lord [IGMC 2018]

    River Lord on River Lord is a Fantasy RPG set on a chain of islands. Take on the role of Koi, a young orphan on the cup of adulthood, as they discover secrets of their past and journey into an uncertain future. Starting out, they are accompanied by a set of twins but their party may...
  10. l8rose

    L8rose's Workshop [Sketches]

    Apologies ahead of time if this doesn't quite fit the Workshop idea. Alright, as some folks have probably noticed, I like to sketch. A lot. Sketching is in fact my destresser of choice. The thing is that I sketch so much that I sometimes run out of ideas on what to sketch. So this workshop is...
  11. l8rose

    L8rose's General Resources [7/5/2020]

    :Credit: L8rose :Non-Commercial: Just credit me and you're golden :Commercial: Not for Standard Commercial (see contests for special circumstance) :Contests: May be used in games for contests. Commercial after a contest is okay provided you contact me first about using the artwork and I...
  12. l8rose

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Right now, I'm playing Dead Maze. A free to play Zombie Survival MMORPG. It's a pretty standard game with fetch quets and the like but it's kind of fun. It's only in beta whih means I don't have as much to do in it as when I first started (just daily quests for me at this point and farming...
  13. l8rose

    RMMV Starshard: Riverlord

    Starshard: Riverlords Very tentative title If you could have any wish granted, any wish at all, what would you wish for? Would you wish to return home, a place you left long ago? Would you wish for wealth? For Fame? For Family? Any wish granted without knowing the consequences. Would you still...
  14. l8rose

    L8rose's MV Resources

    As I somehow managed to delete half this while fixing the links. RPGMaker MV Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MV. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MV credits are required. Original Stuff For use in MV Non Commercial Credit...
  15. l8rose

    L8rose's Art Stuffs

    I figure a thread is better then falling into the habit of spamming the other art thread every couple of days as that would eventually happen. -coughs- This first post will generally be updated with the second to newest things on the thread but always see the newest posts for the newer sketches...
  16. l8rose

    Apparently I never did one of these

    I've been lurking for years (made my account just over 3 years ago) and only noticed I have 0 posts so clearly, I must have missed out on introducing myself. I'm L8rose, pretty sure just about everywhere. I mostly write these days with a spattering of drawing every week or so. Drawing wise, I...

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