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  1. Sanct

    I played that one at some point, it was honestly kinda frustrating to get killed every time near...

    I played that one at some point, it was honestly kinda frustrating to get killed every time near the end of the game but I was like 12 or something anyway so I practically didn't have conscious thought /shrug.
  2. Sanct

    Feedback for my shirt design?

    Why even ask for feedback if you're going to deflect it by saying people are overly sensitive.
  3. Sanct

    Just bought MV like an hour ago and while I think the UI is a bit on the ugly side it's pretty good.

    Just bought MV like an hour ago and while I think the UI is a bit on the ugly side it's pretty good.
  4. Sanct

    Looks like I'm finally getting my christmas present

    Looks like I'm finally getting my christmas present
  5. Sanct

    Yeah one guy asked for a logo in 4 different workshops and then when they didn't respond in a...

    Yeah one guy asked for a logo in 4 different workshops and then when they didn't respond in a day decided to make his own.
  6. Sanct

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    While there's certain information that'd be useful (Like number of party members and/or bosses you're planning) I'll try to help based on different possibilities that could be logical. If you have 1 party member ditch the combat system entirely and possibly get a bit more creative with the...
  7. Sanct

    Silent Protagonist?

    Silent protagonists generally don't make sense in RPGs, considering how much dialogue they tend to have. Making a silent protagonist is almost guaranteed to feel like a lazy cop-out and a desperate attempt to get the player immersed, which ironically enough tends to have the exact opposite...
  8. Sanct

    'Entry Level' RPG How to be simple without being boring?

    If you're planning on doing a simple game make sure that your bosses (or enemy encounters for that matter) don't start feeling same-y halfway through, they don't need to have some super complex strategies, it could be as simple as just having them do stronger attacks when some buffs are...
  9. Sanct

    Games that had a powerful effect on you

    A couple of days ago I played Owlboy... That was the first time I actually cried at a video game ending (possibly because it was also so good, but also because the story was just plain amazing). I beat the whole game in one sitting because I was just completely in the world and it was just...
  10. Sanct

    Balancing Healing Items

    I've always had problems properly balancing healing items, there's a lot you have to think about and I have a couple of questions on how people balance their healing items properly. Is it a good idea to for example have a potion that heals double of the previous potion cost slightly more than...
  11. Sanct

    Help me choose?

    Row 1 does seem pretty universally viable so it makes sense. I'm inclined to agree that row 1 looks the best (I think it'd work especially well in a fantasy setting, but it's probably the most functionally practical out of all of them).
  12. Sanct

    Battle System Concept - Press Time System

    I don't think it's the battle system that works, if you want a battle system to work you need to have a variety of skills that are all interesting, enemies that use the battle system to an extent. You can't judge a battle system if you don't even have anything for it other than an idea. That...
  13. Sanct

    Help me choose?

    I'd stay away from row 5 if I were you. But this is probably a choice you should make yourself/with the people helping you with the game? Now I mean, I'm gonna say something that might sound a bit stupid but, I feel like the sprite style of your game could reflect what the world of your game is...
  14. Sanct

    Is having monsters visible on the map okay as a encounter system

    Once, when I tried making something I forgot to make it viable for you to be able to actually escape the encounters, so make sure you have something set up in case the player escapes the fight.
  15. Sanct

    Mouse-only puzzles in an RM game, yay or nay?

    Honestly mouse controls in RPG maker games will always feel really shoehorned in to me. It's pointless and usually doesn't add anything. I recommend you give the player the option to use the mouse but not make it required in any part of the game. Balancing for the mouse could also be a...
  16. Sanct

    Multiple Skill Costs

    I think that the limited use abilites would be kinda ridiculous in regular enemy encounters, and the limit would only really apply during boss fights, in which if there's no way to replenish the uses they'd be underpowered maybe, but if you could replenish them, they'd be very similiar to mana...
  17. Sanct

    Open World

    It doesn't matter what you're using, the thing that matters is having a team for this sort of thing, and there needs to be really good communication between team members. Since open world games need to have side quests, secrets etc, you should even have a team member who deals with the flow of...
  18. Sanct

    Thoughts on Releasing First Project?

    Well, if you can handle criticism and can learn from it accordingly then you should totally post the project. It would be an even better learning tool if people could tell you what you could do better or about features the engine has that you didn't previously know about. For your first...
  19. Sanct

    I can't think of a good title

    Haha, well more like 13, I've been using RPG Maker for like 3 years, but haven't been doing anything else and haven't really messed with anything advanced. I've only really been learning how to use it properly for the past year and a half maybe. Sorry if it was a bit misleading. Thanks...
  20. Sanct

    I can't think of a good title

    Hey everybody... I really don't know where to start without sounding robotic or cliche (or embarrassing myself by sounding way too childish). I'm not exactly very good at introductions as you can probably tell So, I guess I'll start with introducing myself (As is probably what I should do...

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