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  1. Toremneon

    Victor engine MP Levels

    Hi everyone, I encountered another problem. I use Victors MP Level Plugin. But it does not seem to work. Here is my set up so far first. Plugins I use: I did set up the MP Level plugin like this: And I set up my skill like this: So it should consum 1 cast of the first Level of...
  2. Toremneon

    Battle System with just Animations

    Hi everyone, I am still trying thinks out with my battle system and I wondered would it be possible to create a system in which you only display animations you created in the makers Animationssection before? You would set the basic Animations like "Walking", "Standing", "Hurt", "K.O." in the...
  3. Toremneon

    Anybody knows how to reach Victor Sant?

    Hi, as I wrote before I use the Victor Engine for the game I am making, but I have some problems setting thinks up or moding some of it. Therefore I tried to reach Victor for some help or tipps but he seems not to be online on his own blog or here in the forum. So anybody knows how to reach...
  4. Toremneon

    Action Sequences in Victor Engine

    Hi, I am currently working on a project using the Victor Engine and I am new to the side view battle system. So I am looking for some basic help on how to do stuff. First here are my Plugins and how I set my battler formatting: And here: Here is a example battler. I want to have a...
  5. Toremneon

    FREE Suikoden 2 Prelude looking for help

    Hello everyone, ok, I read the rules of a post here, I saw the "how to pitch your game" video and I took a shower! Believe me! To get your intenion here is a Luca Blight riding a unicorn: So in this post I’d like to present you our Suikoden project and ask for help with it. I know, I...
  6. Toremneon

    Greetings RPG Makers

    Hi, I am new to this Forum. I work for a long time on a project and I want to get better at making and gt some help with some basic stuff I don't really get done now. My strenght is mostly story writing and mapping. I will write more about my project in the recruitment thread because we...

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