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  1. Sednaiur

    Making items or skills refill more than 100 TP

    Hello. I like to know how I could let items and skills refill more than 100TP. This is very important to me, as I like to use a TP-system that requires a lot of TP and they should be refillable by other means than the TP-modes. I already looked all over my plugins help files (just about every...
  2. Sednaiur

    A state nullifying other states?

    Hello again. Since a very long time I thought of a state, that -as long as it is active- negates the effects of certain other states without removing them, meaning that the other states remain on the target effectless but still count down etc. An example: -The target has the states "barrier"...
  3. Sednaiur

    How to do one shot states?

    I like to have a state that, for increased MP-cost, raises the damage output for any direct dealt magical damage by 50%, but removing itself after a successful use of a fitting skill. The increased MP-cost part is trivial, so that is not the problem. Now, I have put these two custom effects one...
  4. Sednaiur

    YanFly's Action Sequence Pack Documentation...

    Is there a way to get my hands on the Action Sequence Pack Documentation for YanFly's Action Sequence plugins? All the links I could find are either dead, misleading or ask me to register, so I have found no other way than asking here for it. I have quite some ideas for attack movements and...
  5. Sednaiur

    Portable vehicles?

    I successfully could create tracks that can only be traversed with a minecart (a reskinned ship-vehicle) but also crossed by the actors at certain tiles, by using Yanfly's AreaRestriction and VehicleRestrict plugins. Now, what I need to accomplish is to have the minecart-vehicle disappear after...
  6. Sednaiur

    How to use Yanfly's SkillLearnSystem

    I like to make use of Yanfly's plugin YEP_SkillLearnSystem to make my actors be able to learn skills by using Job Points. The problem is that I get an error message as soon as I select the class in the "Learn Skills"-window where I have defined the skills. The error message is "ReferenceError...
  7. Sednaiur

    Using actor kill count in damage formula

    I would like to make a skill that deals damage equal to the kills that the user has done so far, like increasing the damage output of said skill by 1 for every kill. I am sure that this is possible, but I do not know how to adress the kill count of the actor in the damage formula. For example...
  8. Sednaiur

    A new RPGMMV-user here :-)

    Greetings to all of you. Just a week after spending a little fortune on the software of my dreams, I thought I register here and say hello^^.... which actually is kind of a lie, as I originally registered here, to ask a question in the help and support :-P But why not making myself known in the...

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