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  1. Endermore

    Just a guy with a purple tie and a formal suit.

    Just a guy with a purple tie and a formal suit.
  2. Endermore

    Weapon Edits/Originals

    May I ask how you can add icons like these into the resource manager so that it's visible in the database? Sorry to confuse you, but I'm quite new at this and would like some help. ^^ I'm willing to make my own icons, but I tried making one and adding it into 'IconSets', but I want my new...
  3. Endermore

    Steampunk Tiles

    Was wondering--since I'm semi new to this--if there is a way where I could fit all of these into a tileset. I know that you have mentioned that these are not formatted to be tilesets, but maybe if you could help me understand what Parallax mapping is, then maybe I could manage to know how to use...

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I ended up needing to do a chapter one world map remake. It's still WIP but coming along nicely. =D
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1st iteration on castle interior in Tiled.
I've started up Pillars of Eternity. It's interesting how the game does a "select choice" cutscene using still image art for dramatic flair. I wonder if that might work for my RPGMaker project.
The self-righteous indignation of family when you expect them to pay back money you've leant to them never ceases to amaze me.

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