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  1. Seanna

    Developing my story~ Not much a writer but right now there is a lot of idea pop up in my mind :3

    Developing my story~ Not much a writer but right now there is a lot of idea pop up in my mind :3
  2. Seanna

    Luchi-chan's Lighting Tutorial.

    Nice tutorial, Luchino-chan~ Your lighting effect and mapping are awesome, I like the night effect. It really look like so real :)
  3. Seanna

    Celianna's Tileset

    I have same issue as you before yet when I register myself to imageshack, all of that picture suddenly shown up even though you have to open the image in different tab to download it though
  4. Seanna

    Hirei's Art Dump

    My this is awesome :) I like how you drawing all of these, its look all amazing. I like the last one best though, can't wait for your next update~
  5. Seanna

    Celianna's Parallax Tiles

    This definitely make an awesome concert hall, thanks for sharing this Celianna. I like the piano, it's very classy and detailed. :)
  6. Seanna

    Steampunk Tiles

    Lunarea and Celianna, this is awesome :) I really like the feel of steampunk in your tilesets, I definitely like the clock tower. The interior is awesome as well, like the bed in purple cover. It's very detailed.
  7. Seanna

    Celianna's Tileset

    Thanks a lot, Celianna. The link you gave me for tutorial is very nice indeed, but I'm still very bad at giving shading and light (which I have to learned first). I have to try harder and if I posted some of my work someday, I will really appreciate if you give me some constructive opinion on...
  8. Seanna

    Celianna's Tileset

    Thanks for sharing Celianna, these tilesets are wonderful :) Usually what kind of software do you use to make all these? My sister and I are learning to spriting, and usually we use photoshop. Anyway thanks a lot :)

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