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  1. GoodSelf

    Eventer's Toolbox

    EDIT 7/15 Hello friends! Times are cetainly tough right now, and due to unforseen circumstances, I will not be able to complete these requests within the initial time limit. I will be sure to update as new content is made, it just might not be as fast as mentioned previously. Thanks for your...
  2. GoodSelf

    Mode7 Mapping: Storybook Pop-Up

    Mode7 Mapping: Storybook Pop-Up Difficulty: Advanced Hello friends! I posted this on Reddit and got a huge response! Many have reached out to me about how I achieved this look, so I figured I would share what I found through a tutorial, and help you all bring a new level of immersion into...
  3. GoodSelf

    Random Encounter Indicator

    Random Encounter Indicator Difficulty: Beginner Those of you who have played the classic RPG Legend of Dragoon already know what's up, but for the rest of you, welcome! This is a tiny little event I whipped together, and I wanted to share it with you all to add some dynamic to your random...
  4. GoodSelf

    RMMV Kid Crescent [Demo Available]

  5. GoodSelf

    FREE Play Testers Needed

    Hello beautiful people! Sleepless Alien Productions just finished our first game, Elegy, designed from scratch for the No Travel Game Jam! Since the game is due by the end of the day on the 30th, we were looking for a group of play testers who would be interested in testing the game in it's...
  6. GoodSelf

    RMMV Elegy (No Travel Jam Submission)

  7. GoodSelf

    Looking for Skotty TV's Monster Card Plugin/Demo

    Hello all! I'm looking for the demo and plugin listed here, however the links are dead. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the plugin and/or the demo that they could link to me? Thank you all so much!
  8. GoodSelf

    RMMV Standard Shop VS Gacha Shop

    I'm debating on what shop style I want in my game, and I was hoping to get some feedback. So, in my game, the player will be collecting pieces of Furniture to decorate their room with. I'm stuck on 2 ideas. A - Players purchase individual furniture they want, with rarer furniture being more...
  9. GoodSelf

    How many hours have you logged on RPG Maker MV?

    Hey friends, I'm just curious as to how many hours everyone has spent in the engine! As of writing this, I am at 1,236 hours! Mostly on projects that are dead or dying :guffaw:
  10. GoodSelf

    RMMV Enemy Movement Types (Clashing when used together?)

    Hello beautiful people! So, in my game, you don't fight enemies in the traditional RPG Style. Instead, you must avoid their predetermined movements. This allows the player to learn their patterns and avoid them. Here is my little issue that I'm hoping to get some feedback on: how do you feel...
  11. GoodSelf

    [SOLVED]Help using YEP_SlipperyTiles

    Hello all! I have the ice slide puzzles in my game (go figure), and I'm using the YEP_Slippery Tiles plugin. However, as my character is sliding, I still can use the arrow keys to change their direction, completely breaking the puzzle. I tried setting Direction Fix on while the player was...
  12. GoodSelf

    Light The Flames - Puzzle Help

    Hello friends! I was hoping to get some feedback and ideas from all of you beautiful people. This is a simple idea I had for a puzzle mechanic within my game, and I was wondering what additions you all would suggest to make it more dynamic and interesting. So, the idea is simple. There is a...
  13. GoodSelf

    Arcade-Style Town Theme Request - Music

    Resource Type: Music Maker Format: MV Music Style: I am using a lot of the Arcade songs from Patrick De Arteaga - if it can sound similar to this, that would be appreciated! Description: I have composed a little midi melody that I have attached as...
  14. GoodSelf

    RMMV Game Idea: Posession RPG

    So, here's the main idea. You play as the ghost of someone who recently died, and you are trying to uncover the mystery behind your death. The main draw is being able to posses different characters, essentially becoming them to tackle different areas of the map. For example, the ice caves...
  15. GoodSelf

    House Customization in RM

    Hello all! I had a couple of questions I was hoping to discuss with you beautiful people. 1. Does the idea of collecting furniture to decorate your in game house excite you as a player? Is it a feature you would care about? 2. What would you expect from a house customization mechanic within...
  16. GoodSelf

    Are you a guest browsing these forums?

    After taking a quick look at who was online and what they were browsing, I was astounded to discover that there were five times more guests exploring these forums than users. With that said, I have one simple thing to say. Create an account and join us! There is a wealth of knowledge on these...
  17. GoodSelf

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friend Codes!

    Now that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is here, I wanted to gather up all the RPG Maker Web campers and extend an invitation to be my friend! I encourage you to post your ID's here too! Now download this majestic game (If you can), and add me! :D ID: 5966 3405 123
  18. GoodSelf

    Check Microphone plugin

    Is there a way to have a plugin check if your computers microphone is on or off and set a switch accordingly? How difficult would that be to make, if it's possible at all? If it is possible, I'll be posting in plugin requests.
  19. GoodSelf

    [Free or Trade] Piano Battle/Victory Music

    Resource Type: Music! Maker Format: MV Music Style: Dark battle music with only piano Description: In my game, the main music track is just a light piano, and I thought it would be jarring to transition to a traditional battle theme. I'm looking for a simple battle track that uses only piano...
  20. GoodSelf

    Class tied to BGM: The Super Bard!

    So I've been toying with this idea for a while, I haven't done any Eventing or prototyping, but I wanted to get your opinions on it regardless. The idea is to reinvent The Bard class with Dynamic skills relating to the actual music playing in battle. For example, The Bard can have an attack...

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