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  1. RHachicho

    RPGMaker MV refuses to start ..

    RPGMaker MV is refusing to start. This happened randomly without any interference from me. The client SEEMS to start but all i get is a not responding white window. I have tried the following steps. 1. Wait for 30 mins. No change. 2. Uninstalled MV, Restarted Computer, Reinstalled. 3. Updated...
  2. RHachicho

    Problem with Moghunter VariableHud

    I'm having some issues with this plugin. My game contains visual novel style scenes and I wanted to stop the moghunter ui elements from zooming back onto the screen during a wait command or a momentary fadout. (They auto hide during messages). So I wrote a common event to show and hide the...
  3. RHachicho

    Encountered bugs with deployment. Just reporting them.

    Hello it seems I've encountered multiple bugs with the 'Exclude unused files' Option. During deployment .. First I would like to say I am well aware of this not recognizing images that are called by plugins. And this isn't about that. In fact I am very careful during deployment so that these...
  4. RHachicho

    No debug tools when playtesting.

    Hello something started happening recently that's very frustrating. When play-testing the debug tools no longer appear either in the menu or by pressing f9! I'd appreciate if someone could tell me what's going on as this makes debugging a LOT harder!
  5. RHachicho

    Battleback drawing over sv_enemies and player sprites.

    Okay I am in absolute panic mode right now because my game has suddenly started drawing the battleback over the graphical elements of combat. I'm about to test animations but targeting white bits and health bar still show for the characters when they are damaged. But SOMETHING has made it so...
  6. RHachicho

    Custom Skill Costs.

    I've been looking around a while and I'm not sure if this is built into MV or exists somewhere. But I'd like to dictate custom MP costs for my spells. Specifically I want a spell to become more costly as a characters M.Atk grows. My max level is 1000 and at that level most characters have like...
  7. RHachicho

    RPGMaker Mv's Big problem ..

    You may remember that I posted a while back about random crashes while saving. I've been hoping and praying that this problem would be addressed unfortunately in vain .. I keep getting told on this forum that this doesn't have a cause in the editor which quite frankly I am inclined to believe is...
  8. RHachicho

    Just plain weird behavior.

    Lately I have had rpgmaker MV .. Re introduce broken plugins I had deleted/disabled/expunged but were still in the directory and enable them without my knowledge. Somehow break code around the acquisition of items without me touching it. Somehow break the underlying code surrounding...
  9. RHachicho

    RPGMaker MV user end lag problem.

    Hello this is more of a general support question. I have started my patron and most of my patrons are satisfied with the game performance. However one person is reporting terrible lag. I'm not sure exactly what could be causing this. It's true my game is fairly graphically intensive. for an rpg...
  10. RHachicho

    Ramez's Resources ..

    I've started trying to learn how to make my own resources .. And while they are nothing special I still feel that some people may benefit from them! For So I'm going to post them in this topic. Terms of Use : Free to use by anyone .. for anything .. Credit is appreciated but not Required...
  11. RHachicho

    Having trouble with poisons.

    Hey there I'm currently trying to add abilities to a character that allow her to inflict negative states with her attacks. Currently I'm doing what i believe to be correct .. I am adding a state to the actor with the attack state property of 100% however I've normal attacked god knows how many...
  12. RHachicho

    Random Crashes while saving project.

    I have started experiencing seemingly random crashes while saving the project. I get a notice that says that RMMV stopped working. And I lose any progress I might have made. Most of the time I save very frequently now so I don't lose that much. But today once again I lost about an hour's worth...
  13. RHachicho

    Having trouble with yanfly's external link plugin.

    Everything seems to be working however the new window that's supposed to link to an external site just shows a white screen .. Not sure if it's being blocked by windows 10 or if there's some issue with the plugin. I need to know if there's some issue that flat out causes external links from MV...
  14. RHachicho

    A complaint ..

    I recently ran across an issue with my first deployed build of the game. I am a new artist trying to get started on ******* .. So you can imagine what a broken first build looks like. If I felt this was in any way my fault I wouldn't be complaining here. But I felt I had to say something as this...
  15. RHachicho

    Damage formula help.

    Hi there I'm trying to set a skill up so that it does significantly more damage if a target is effected by a certain state. However the skill just seems to do zero damage. I can only think I must be making some kind of syntax error but for the life of me the syntax appears correct. This is a cut...
  16. RHachicho

    Save error while parallel processes running ..

    Hi there .. I'm asking to see if someone has found a solution to a problem that has been a thorn in my side for a while now. Namely that there appears to be a bug that causes the in-game save function to fail and throw up an error sound if there are parallel processes running anywhere on the...
  17. RHachicho

    Tag events so their sprites draw over star tiles?

    I think the title is pretty self explanatory. Is it possible to tag a sprite so it displays over star tiles. I am using this for particularly huge bosses/monsters/mechs. That would tower over things that would even be over the player's head.  Is there a way to do this in engine? Or is this in...
  18. RHachicho

    Help with Random Bombardment event structure!

    Hey there I'm currently making a part of my game where the player has to move through a town under siege. I want to make it so that Shells randomly fall in the town and have tried to reason out a structure of events that will allow me to do that .. so far without success. These are the...
  19. RHachicho

    Can an event change the passability of a tile?

    Hi there I was wondering if there is any way to make an event change the passability of it's tile. The idea I have is for the party to be chased by a boss. And for the boss to be collapsing a bridge behind them. I can make tiles move by making a blank area of the map and making a stack of events...
  20. RHachicho

    Heads up .. RPGMaker XP on sale on steam .. 80% off.

    Hi guys not sure if this is the place to post it .. but I've seen people on these forums that have issue with content because they want to use rpgmaker xp edits. Well rpgmaker is currently 80% off on steam this weekend so you can snatch it up right now for next to nothing. I hope this helps some...

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