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  1. epson777341

    RMMV Removing Item Costs in Yanfly's Skill Cost Item Plugin

    Hello there. I'm trying to make it so that at certain levels, certain skills cost different items. Like, a Raise spell costing a revive herb until level 10, then requiring a miracle stone after that. I've got the whole thing set, except that I wanted to not show the item costs if they're 0...
  2. epson777341

    [MV] Bag Weapon Sprite

    Resource Type: Weapon Sheet Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or similar would be great, but it's really anybody's choice Description: A handbag that would be swung at the enemy, like, the weapons from Final fantasy Tactics. Although, I think they thrusted with those ones. But yeah, like a...
  3. epson777341

    Plugin Call within a Notetag

    Hi there! So, I'm trying to call a plugin command using the VPS Dynamic Weather System and YEP - States and Buffs Core. Basically I'm trying to make weather effects end when certain buffs do. I'm mostly just trying to call this command: stopWeather into this spot: <Custom Leave...
  4. epson777341

    Skills being added automatically

    So, when I start a new test game, it adds my 256th and 267th skill to all my actors. I have no idea why, there's no event doing it, It's not a skill given by adding it through the class tab or any equipment/note tags. I also can't remove the skills, it just adds them back in. Is this happening...
  5. epson777341

    Issue with a custom Damage formula

    Hi guys,   I know I've been asking a lot of questions, and I am glad for the help, I think this is my last problem, for a while. I'm just having some issues with a custom damage fomula.   I took a look at Fomar's tutorial. Made a separate Entry in my scripts, it took me all day, but I came up...
  6. epson777341

    Script that changes a Variable upon Equip

    Hi there,  I was wondering if it was possible to add to a variable when you equip a weapon or armor. It's mostly going to be a multiplier for damage formulas. So, let's say I want a Spear to have a multiplier of 5 for a thrusting attack, but a rapier only has a multiplier of like, 3. Is this...
  7. epson777341

    Adding N.A.S.T.Y. Stats to YEA Menus

    I'm sorry, I've been at this for like, 4 hours and have tried searching up and down on this forum. I need to add the custom stats I made in N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats to my menus in Yanfly's Status Menu, Equip Menu and Probably Shop Options. It's called WP. For the Status Menu: I've tried adding...
  8. epson777341

    Complex Skill Costs

    Well, not super complex. I'm trying to make the spells in my game cost a certain amount by spell 'level' so, at level 1, it would cost (The character's level * 11) * 0.10) or 10% of the characters's level times 11.  I know I can do this in the damage formula, and I would love to be able to...

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