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  1. SilverFoxEX

    Kid Cat parts for MV generator?

    ill check it out thanks
  2. SilverFoxEX

    Kid Cat parts for MV generator?

    Looking to make a child Neko, that later in the game after time travel becomes a playable character however getting cat generator parts for a child seems to be harder then i thought, i'm not great with editing and or understanding the filing system in the generator my self to do it but if anyone...
  3. SilverFoxEX

    Error after 1st battle

    now how do i close the thread...
  4. SilverFoxEX

    Error after 1st battle

    yea got it fixed lol was the SRD game over trying to do the same thing as 2 other plugins i forgot to remove it once i replaced it with yanfly's and another plugin but thanks for the look at guys
  5. SilverFoxEX

    Error after 1st battle

    Having an odd issue with the project that i am working on. every time i play test my project and get into a battle (no matter what troop i fight) when the battle is over if another one try's to start either via event or random encounter i get the following error; here is the "F8" view Cant...

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