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  1. Lunyc

    RMMZ Visual problem with VisuStella element status plugin

    Has anyone experienced such a problem when using the <Dealt Element Plus> notetag from VisuStella element status core plugin? I put +10% damage for fire, ice and lightning, but it shows that weird number, and I don't know if it's actually that or +10% when playing. Something similar also...
  2. Lunyc

    Can you play an SE at the end of a state effect?

    I have a skill that applies a state effect that lasts for 3 turns and I'd like to play a sound effect when the state wears off, so that the player is warned that the effect ended. Any ideas?
  3. Lunyc

    Yanfly Profile Plugin picture gets cut off

    So I'm having this problem with Yanfly's profile plugin, where each line of text cuts off the picture in the profile page. I've been looking around and saw that other people have the same problem but I couldn't find any solution whatsoever. My plugins are updated and I followed the right...

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