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  1. Pozinhofan

    Battle Commands Description?

    Hi! Is there any way to show a description for each command in battle setup scene? "Attack" -> shows up "Attack a target with your weapon dealing damage based on STR." "Guard" -> shows up "etc etc". I'm using Yanfly's STB. Thanks!
  2. Pozinhofan

    Yanfly In-Battle Status with X-Param? and Yanfly HitAcc battlers won't dodge?

    Hi! I was wondering if I can insert x-param (hit, crit, hrg) inside the battle using yanfly in-battle status? Cuz I've got here the base going well but can't manage to insert x-params. Another question, whenever I set my YanFly HitAcc Plugin ON, my battlers will never dodge attacks. The...
  3. Pozinhofan

    Yanfly's Class Change - unlock just working in one single plugin call

    Hi! I've got here all of yanfly's plugins and looking for some help with the class and subclass change. I'm wondering what's going on here: That's my steps: class 2 = fighter // class 3 = knight (subclass) 1 - Main Class changed. OK. (unlock class 1 2) 2 - Subclass changed. OK (unlock class 1...
  4. Pozinhofan

    [SOLVED] Yanfly Status Merge - MATK + MDEF?

    Hi! Is there any ways that I could use Yanfly's plugins to merge some status of mine? Like: Intelligence : Gives MATK and MP. Spirit : Gives MDEF and MP. Something like this. I do have all of yanfly's plugins to use. I've tried to use YEP_BaseParam but not sure how to manage it to work well...
  5. Pozinhofan

    Yanfly Absorption Barrier not working properly

    I know it sounds cliche, and I'm kinda looking forward to solving this but I can't manage to. I'm a JS developer, but I'm not sure how to handle this Plugin code in order to make it work. Whenever I use the skill that gives <User Barrier: +100>, it does give my character's hp gauge an "empty...

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