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  1. SpikerMan87

    Can't get SRD's Summon Core and Replace to work with Mog's LMBS

    I used Luna Hotkey Customizer to force add an Actor during battle with a button press. The character's hud appears, and then the game crashes. I've been messing with LMBS a lot, trying to push it's limits, and I just don't think this is do-able unless major changes are made to the code. Apologies.
  2. SpikerMan87

    RMMV [Super Tools Engine] Menu changes in Web Browser?

    Wow...Well that's a shame, but it's ok. I can manage. I wanted to ask before I decided to try something else. Thank you for your response.
  3. SpikerMan87

    RMMV [Super Tools Engine] Menu changes in Web Browser?

    I recently put my game on a Web Browser and had made a lot of menu changes, but I noticed that those changes didn't carry over to the Web Browser version. Have I missed something? I found this thread that makes changes to the code and it did fix the missing HUD issues I was having, but not the...
  4. SpikerMan87

    RMMV MogHunter's LMBS Modifications to make life easier

    Looked at both of these and these two require changes that I currently can't figure out on my own. I think most the stuff I've found I've been lucky or just stubborn. There is no setting that would allow me to change the Move Speed and tie it to an item. The Normal attack is tied to weapons, so...
  5. SpikerMan87

    Increase animation speed on Moghunter's LMBS?

    I have a thread covering some modifications you can do:
  6. SpikerMan87

    RMMV MogHunter's LMBS Modifications to make life easier

    I could look into some of those...maybe... I was successful in making additions for a new type of knockback. I created Normal2 and added Knockback[6] in many of the locations where it lists Knockbacks 1 to 5. Knockback6 was to make enemies fly further back when I landed the 3rd combo hit on...
  7. SpikerMan87

    RMMV Change actor attacking skill?

    You can make an actor have a unique attack by the weapon they equip. In the notetags of the weapons you can make it the LMBS Pose Name and name it something like Character[Weapon1].png
  8. SpikerMan87

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence compatible with MOG LMBS?

    I did get this Screen Shake plugin to work during a LMBS battle yesterday. May help with some of the larger hits during battle:
  9. SpikerMan87

    RMMV MogHunter's LMBS Modifications to make life easier

    Hi, I've been working on a game with MogHunter's LMBS and without going into the code there's things you probably wish you could customize, but don't know where to change them. I wanted to share some of my findings on where you can change things...although I'm probably late to the party. This is...
  10. SpikerMan87

    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    Hi it's me again after a long time. I wanted to share something that I found today because I clearly had nothing better to do this weekend. I figured out how to increase the knockback distance in the default settings. I know this isn't the bouncing request, but it's something. So on this line...
  11. SpikerMan87

    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    It would be nice. I'm currently working on a game with this system and I would prefer the knockback to be different. I'm new to this so I'm too afraid to mess with the code and it would be a day of endless trial and error. After images would be cool too.
  12. SpikerMan87

    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    Been awhile. I guess there hasn't been any developments?

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