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  1. Uranium

    TRADE Looking For help Writing/Design for a near finished game.

    Hello, I am looking for someone capable of creating funny, exciting dialog to my game which is near finished. I have a story and general plot outline complete. I am looking to add nostalgic reference and funny lines. The game play is already set up with template dialog so it is a matter of...
  2. Uranium

    Solved: Power Outage/Unplugged PC, Now RMMV will not launch

    Hi, I recently had a power outage and now when I try to open RPG Maker it just shows the splash screen and then closes. The application does appear in task manager while showing splash screen and then goes away once it closes. Does not show up in the task bar at all. I have tried uninstall...
  3. Uranium

    RMMV Solved: MOG_ChronoEngine: Add Faint Pose to MOG_CharPoses

    Hey I am looking for help to add a pose to the MOG_CharPoses.js I found this and I think adding something in here is what I need to do but I'm not good enough with java script to figure it out.. :( I want to add a faint pose such as "_faint"
  4. Uranium

    MOG_ChronoEngine : Abort Battle Function?

    Hey I am trying to force a battle to stop for a cut scene. I have got it so when the enemy gets below a certain HP%it triggers a common event. But I can still see the battle UI using chrono battle system. I found that If I use plugin command: chrono_mode : false this will free up my actors...
  5. Uranium

    TRADE Looking for some one to help reduce lag and optimize my game. (ChronoEngine)

    Looking for some one to help reduce lag and optimize my game. Im using the chrono engine and I am finding when I play my deployed project on web-browser gamejolt, I am getting much loading times.
  6. Uranium

    MOG_ChronoEngine: General Questions (BGM,Battle Tips)

    Ask Away or post detailed help and tips regarding MOG.ChronoEngine
  7. Uranium

    (Solved ) How do I make attack formula similar to this...

    Hey Everyone, I am either very tired and brain dead or I just haven't looked hard enough but im tryign to achieve these formulas in RPG maker mv Attack formula Language... 1. Attack = ((Power × 4/3) + (Weapon × 5/9)) 2. Attack = ((Hit + Weapon) × 2/3) 3. Attack = ((Attack/2 * LDHP) * 2)...
  8. Uranium

    Map/Tileset Glitch? - Major Issue!

    I have no idea what to do I have tried so much. I am only getting this weird glitch when I transfer back and forth on the 3rd time the map goes haywire. Is it maybe the fact I have an older version of RPG Maker MV 1.0.1 ???? I don't get any console errors when entering the outside map, but when...
  9. Uranium

    MOG_ChronoEngine - Help with the Chrono Engine (Battle Spacing, TP, Guard,)

    I am trying to achieve Adding TP when using guard in the chrono engine battle. By default it seems to do a random low variant. Another issue I am trying to resolve is making hero start battle with 0 TP. It would be nice to know where this battle system is getting its TP parameters for when...
  10. Uranium

    Screen Flicker when press Action button

    Hey everyone, I am getting a flicker when I press the action button. The odd thing is it only happens on one of my maps. It makes my doodads flicker and also makes my HUD flicker. I am using Moghunters - Chrono Trigger Engine. Thanks in advance for help
  11. Uranium

    Variable for item count

    I am trying to make a variable that counts +1 every time I pick up a specific item.. an item that I get rewarded after killing an enemy. I am using on map battles so the troops section is not used. If i have 10 potions in my inventory i want the variable to be 10. Simple as that. I would...
  12. Uranium

    Jeremy Cannady - Monster Breeding HELP!

    Hey everyone, I am seeking assistance on how to set up Jeremy Cannady's monster breeding plugin. I am not sure how to do it by following his steps. Here is the link to the plugin:
  13. Uranium

    Linking my TP amount to a game variable?

    Hey, I am trying to link my TP amount to a game variable is this possible? Ex, I have a stamina setup that has a game variable, I want to have it so my TP amount is linked to my stamina's game variable.
  14. Uranium

    Change Bush Transparency Height

    I am trying to make the Bush Height higher so that it works better with taller sprites. I have seen that in VX ace you can change the script Game_CharacterBase Dose anyone know how to accomplish this on RPG Maker MV??? transparency
  15. Uranium

    Error: Cannot read property 'TextColor' of undefined.

    I get this error when an enemy attack me and is tryign to apply a State (Posion to be exact) I am using YEP_BuffStateCore Here is a screenshot of the Readout
  16. Uranium

    HELP ME - Monster Catching

    Is there a Monster Catching Pluging that doesn't require Yanfly's BattleCore or use of Troops in the data base? I want to use an item so that if it successfully hits an enemy it triggers an actor to join the party. with Each monster triggering a different actor to join.
  17. Uranium

    Help Wanted: Plugin Manage/Functions and Features

    Hi, I am a solo game developer looking for assistance getting all the features Im wanting in my game to work. I have found all the necessary plugins. I am just having trouble getting things all set up properly. Please only serious people, If you are good enough to I am willing to pay money.
  18. Uranium

    Multiple Battle System Plugin Request

    Rpg Maker MV - I am looking to use multiple battle systems in one project. for example use a primary battle system like side veiw but have specific times when you will be forced to do a battle in tactical style. Could be used for army battles. Please Help!
  19. Uranium

    Battle System identical to Chrono Trigger?

    I am look for a combat system that would replicate Chrono Trigger's (On Map, Action-Time). The script I wish I could use would be RGSS3 – Schala Battle System but this is only for RPG maker VXA. Dose anyone know of something that I might want to try?
  20. Uranium

    Toggle switch for a Drop down Ladder

    Hey everyone I am tryign to make a switch that will toggle a ladder to drop down from the ceiling and then back up again when activated again. (process repeats unlimited times)   

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