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  1. Pureflamme

    Why my character doesn't die ?

    Hi ! I'm experiencing an issue with the combat system. With event battles or random battles, my character does,'t die, even if get hit after reaching 0 HP. As you can see in the picture, the game over screen doesn't come and the battle continues. If needed, i'm using these following scripts...
  2. [solved] making enemy untargetable under certain conditions

    Hi everyone I've been looking for a way to keep some boss enemies in battle after they are killed in order to have dialogue and cutscenes play after they're defeated and not make it seem disjointed (think of the first time you defeat Magus in CT, he doesn't just vanish like a regular enemy or...
  3. wrigty12

    Enemy Death/0% HP Battle Event

    I am trying to have a boss say a line of text when his HP is 0, but before he "dies" on screen. How I tried making the enemy immune to Death, but then when I script add Death to him, it still doesnt work. How do I have the boss say something just before he dies in the battle?

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