1. Pine Towers

    Going back to go forward?

    Hi guys. Let me summarize: Pixel art is hard. Diamond hard. Adamantium hard. Making good use of a 48x48 pixel canvas showed to be more complicated and time consuming than I thought. And I can't stand doing a less than optimal job. My idea is going back not on the engine (MV is so far the best...
  2. TheJJGamer

    Collapsed House Tileset?

    Hello! I've been looking for a Collapsed House Tileset for a while and I still can't find it anywhere! Just like, buildings that are fallen and broken and rubble/debris and stuff. It needs to have the Pokemon type of look to it too. It needs to look similar to this: If anybody can find one...
  3. Soatz

    Problem with tiles dimension ≠ 48x48

    Hi guys,  i tried to use some 16x16 tiles but the results were not that good :/ there are some few problems when you change the resolution accordingly to the new tile dimension, for example it's all blurred (probably it's caused by the shader or the rescaling algorithm). Also the menu is...
  4. Xandalf the Wizzrobe

    16x16 Water Tiles?

    Hello! Still new here so tell if if I do anything wrong. I would like animated 16x16 water tiles for RPG Maker VX Ace. For those wondering, my game's sprites are resized by 200% to give it a 16 bit feel so tiles are 16x16, rather than the default 32x32. I already made some tiles for my game...
  5. Evan Finkel

    Using 16x16 Tiles in RPG Maker - How it's Possible?

    Hello, I was wondering if using 16x16 tiles in RPG Maker VXAce is possible, since it uses 32x32 tiles. Parallax mapping is a solution but I didn't know how to do this. Thank you.

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And the beginning of a nearly complete grid system dawns.

I want to add a thin pixel border around the entire region. Like across all blue highlights that connect and red attack highlights that connect.
--- Remake ---

Hero: Hey,look! Some Artist will Remake us to 3D!
M.Knight: Really? Then i hope they make me so Cool & Handsome
Heroine: I hope they make me Cute & Sexy,too
(6 Months Later,The 3D Model Are Revealed With Unexpected Yet Horrible Model)
Hero: (Spit The Water)
M.Knight: What the Hell?!
Heroine: I'm Dissapointed...
my battle system is REALLY coming together. I can already see strategies between 2 of my party members forming lol. helps that battles are 2 at a time. but the combo of these two is really fun.
@taarna23's status just made me realise I haven't had any scam calls since that guy who hung up on me before he even began reading his script. How quiet it's been ... they were pretty much the only people who ever called!

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