1. atoms

    If you have many, many party members, how do you encourage players to try some of them?

    So let's say you have 10, 15, or even more party members. Let's say only 3-4 are in battle at a time too, but to keep this broad yes let's say 5 can or even 6 characters can be in the battle at once. Still though, even then, there are many more side-party members. So, in any of those...
  2. Alinesete

    Black tileset 2k

    I'm having a problem with my custom tilesets. Both .png and .xyz chipsets load black in the database, this problem only happen with the chipsets I made, the imported loads normally.
  3. Ahmed_SH

    How do I make customized non-generic puzzles?

    Greetings everyone. Now this might seem like a vague question but I'm looking for your guidance what I want is to make a custom puzzle that is programmable and somewhat different to the generic push buttons, pull levers, enter numbers puzzles This feature I saw quite heavily in both RM2k3 and...
  4. Rest of the RM2K party to MV (and maybe the enemies too)

    Description of the Feature: It would be a graphichal pack containing the missing heroes from rm2k It would contain everything an MV character needs: walking animation, death pose, sv battler, faceset - and extra bust image because the rest of the party already have bust images Optionally this...
  5. Barreled_Ducky

    2000 Troops seem not enough | Possible to Have more Troops?

    Hello fellow Game Makers. Im currently working on a pretty big Game with the RPG Maker MV Engine. I looked into the Enemy Database's of several Games, like Final Fantasy, or the Mother Series (Earthbound/Mother 3), and i saw, that they have A LOT of different enemies. I also have a lot of...
  6. EN.I

    EN.I RPG Maker message tool

    Iorana everyone! I made a online tool that help's RPG Maker users build messages for games easily and faster. I will present you :) LINK: EN.I RPG Maker message tool. Features: Compatible with RPG Maker 2000/2003, XP, VX and VX Ace. Fast access to special message commands in a easy and...
  7. Dreadshadow

    [LEGAL STUFF] From the past

    Saw another thread but did'n hijacked, tempting though, so here I am, making a new thread. I know which RPG Maker edition is illegal and which is legal. After all, it's easy to spot them since the legal ones cost some money and can be bought from well known places like the official online shop...
  8. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    When do you think the next RPG MAKER ENGINE will release?

    When do you think the next RPG MAKER ENGINE will release? Is ENTERBRAIN working on one or still thinking of it? When do you think it will come out? Maybe 2015 or later. Can't wait to see it. Or are they even making another? It's the question for these forums... 
  9. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    What is your favorite RPG maker and why?

    Like XP, VX, Ace, maybe some of the old ones? 2003, 200? Do you like all of them equally? What one is your favorite? Is it your favorite because it has better graphics? Or cause all the maps are on different places? Why? I couldn't find where to post this so I put it in General Lounge. 

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