1. Skip Title Screen with RPG Maker 2003 1.12

    Does anybody know of a way to skip the title screen? I used to use BetterAEP by Cherry, but it's only compatible with version 1.08... pls help EDIT: Ok so I just found out that you can do this without any patches in the current version. So that's nice
  2. RedPinesCorp

    Protecting Final Game

    Hello there. I am using RpgMaker 2003 1.12a Steam Version So, I am not sure if I am doing it wrong, but when the game is converted to installer, I can still edit it later. Is there a way to prevent others from editing my game after I release? Thanks!
  3. atoms

    If you have many, many party members, how do you encourage players to try some of them?

    So let's say you have 10, 15, or even more party members. Let's say only 3-4 are in battle at a time too, but to keep this broad yes let's say 5 can or even 6 characters can be in the battle at once. Still though, even then, there are many more side-party members. So, in any of those...
  4. Abashi76

    Mod Request : Awesome features R2K3 to XP

    I have looked up this issue, to see if there are any mods to bring back R2K3 features into newer RPG Makers. The reason is, I loved those features in R2K3, especially the battle sprites for the player (since it looks stupid on RPG Maker XP). Not only that, R2K3 has a built in system to allow...
  5. InsertCreativeNameHere

    RPG Maker 2003 Runtime Package is not present.

    So I'm trying to play an RPG Maker 2003 game but when I go to start it I have an error that says "The RPG Maker 2003 Runtime Package is not present or registered". But the thing is that I downloaded the the 2003 RTP already and even re-downloaded the game to see if it would read it then but...
  6. Ahmed_SH

    How do I make customized non-generic puzzles?

    Greetings everyone. Now this might seem like a vague question but I'm looking for your guidance what I want is to make a custom puzzle that is programmable and somewhat different to the generic push buttons, pull levers, enter numbers puzzles This feature I saw quite heavily in both RM2k3 and...
  7. yugiohhero

    (2003) Crashing upon initiating battles?

    I AM USING ENTIIIIRELY BASE ASSETS EXCEPT THE GAME OVER SCREEN AMD MUSIC AT THE MOMENT, SO A MISSING ATTACK SPRITE SHOULD NOT BE THE ISSUE. Whenever I initiate a battle against a knight, it crashes because "the event script referenced a battle animation that does not exist" even though said...
  8. judgemental


    hi, so i'm making my own battlechar sets with iDraw, but for idle and the death motions the chars are always making movement i guess because of the frames, does anyone know the right measurements so it can stay without moving in unbalanced motion, thanks.
  9. I need help with events in battles.

    Hey there. I am fairly new with using rpg maker, and I'm using rpg maker 2k3. I want to make a battle system that works like undertales action system, where you pick an action and the enemy reacts to said action. The only problem is, I have no idea how to make this work. I wanted to try it out...
  10. GoodSelf

    Designing Puzzles

    Designing Puzzles An RPG Maker Guide by GoodSelf Welcome! In this article, I’m going to do my best to teach you how to create your own puzzles for your RPG Maker games! If you ever wanted more than a boulder push puzzle, or a slippery tile puzzle, then I hope this article inspires you to...
  11. judgemental

    what is this?

    [ help ] :O  what is tis? fix pl0x.
  12. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    Is there a plugin to show attack animations on actors?

    Like, in 2k3, attack animations from enemies showed up on actors. Is there any plugin that fixes that in MV?
  13. MintLeaf

    How do I change this CharSet to work with 2003?

    I have a sprite sheet I made, but when I put it into RPG Maker 2003, it appears to just be black. Any good ways to edit this picture to make it work? I have all the sprites as seperate images, and I just placed them on this grid, so if its a size problem, I can fix it.
  14. djDarkX

    Corrected MIDI for RM2003!

    Hey everyone! Anyone who used 2003 way back in the day, and was using a Yamaha XG SoftSynth or Roland Sound Canvas, may have noticed something different about one of the music files included in the RTP.  I can't remember what the old name of it was, but in the English RTP, the MIDI is called...
  15. EN.I

    EN.I RPG Maker message tool

    Iorana everyone! I made a online tool that help's RPG Maker users build messages for games easily and faster. I will present you :) LINK: EN.I RPG Maker message tool. Features: Compatible with RPG Maker 2000/2003, XP, VX and VX Ace. Fast access to special message commands in a easy and...
  16. mrzap6077

    Player Won't Attack

    I am using rpg maker 2003, and when i playtest a troop, my second player won't attack! The only option is "change".
  17. mrzap6077

    How Do You Move a NPC To Certain Spot on Map

    How do you movie a NPC to a certain place on the map? Please help!
  18. Squeezi

    2k3 and Music

    So I'm super excited to see 2003 was released in English! 8D I really like the side-battle idea way better than front-view and can't wait to buy it next payday! I've been looking around at reviews and posts here on the forum about it and I have a question. I saw on the site there is a section...
  19. Vis_Mage

    Emotion Sets for a few Faces

    Hello!  I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out with the creating of  emotion sets for a few faces. There doesn't need to be a massive slew of emotions, just some basic ones like happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, and the like.  The characters I was hoping to get help with are the...
  20. _Shadow_

    [LEGAL STUFF] From the past

    Saw another thread but did'n hijacked, tempting though, so here I am, making a new thread. I know which RPG Maker edition is illegal and which is legal. After all, it's easy to spot them since the legal ones cost some money and can be bought from well known places like the official online shop...

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