2014 igmc


    Secret Santa 2.0

    Here's how the "Secret Santa" feedback-a-thon works: 1)You sign up to participate in the Secret Santa during the specified sign-up period by posting in this thread and expressing your interest to participate, with a link to your game. 2)Then, everyone who signed up is randomly assigned to...
  2. SinのAria

    ilychron: Second Fate

    A story of finding lost friends: Follow several adventurers as they go to save the world and find their lost friends. This is mostly a text story in a fantasy world with very little actual combat. Includes the First Fate. (Technically, this still part of the first fate, but it is called...
  3. fanfish

    Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)

    Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)   (click the image for our submission)   Summary Calcu-Late is a game about a boy named james that need to participate in a godly olympics tournament as a representative for the goddes of mathematics, Seshat. The tournament will grant the...
  4. Acetonide

    Solo Shooter - v2.00 Now Up!

    Introduction Solo Shooter is a simple Top-Down Scrolling Shooter. It currently features a short story and some other things. Be sure to check out the features list and updated screenshots. Original Introduction- Downloads Information Solo Shooter is a short Top-Down Scrolling Shooter...
  5. The Swords of Balance [Download]

    The Swords of Balance: Chapter One *Updated with bugfixes and more images. Download and vote: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/350# In the beginning, all that ever was, all that ever is, and all that ever will be, resided in a single crystal. A crystal of raw energy; potential...
  6. VoxPopuli

    Widows of the Vampyr : IGMC entry download available [Video Trailer just added]

    Submitted for your approval is my contest entry for the 2014 IGMC. The contest page where the game is downloadable is at the following link: Widows of the Vampire Direct link to Widows of the Vampyr game download Just added: Widows of the Vampyr Cutscene and Teaser Trailer. *** Those...
  7. samshazam

    Panic at Casa Corotto

      Panic at Casa Corotto is an exploration/boss rush RPG about a head waiter who finds himself in deep trouble when his beloved restaurant becomes infiltrated by the mob! Battles in the game are very limited but difficult, so be sure to scrounge around for whatever supplies you can find to help...
  8. Mesonyx

    We Were Made To Perish

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------    The dreams are getting worse...   Michelle's life wasn't exactly simple before her boyfriend Aaron's cancer diagnosis. Now, it looks like the stress is getting to her. A blue stranger haunts her dreams every...
  9. Stoic

    World Remade

    >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<   Play length: 1 hour Download size: 128mb   Return to the land of Solest and guide a new group of heroes through the most shocking, devastating event in that world's history. Hundreds of years before the events of Master of the Wind, a fiery cataclysm ravages the world and...
  10. xeroborn

    Unknown Designation - Story driven, Sci-Fi RPG

    edit 7/29: updated the links section with a new link to version 2. Introduction Hello, everybody. I made an RPG for the 2014 IGMC titled 'Unknown Designation'. I had two goals when I decided to make a game for this contest. One was to tell a story (my background is in writing short stories...
  11. Cabygon

    Goats on a Bridge [Updated Version 1.3 Available]

    We've finally managed to prepare as much as we could of our game and uploaded it for the contest @_@. We hope you enjoy the game if you're interested in giving it a whirl. The game's based loosely upon the 3 Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale. We've unlocked all levels for the purpose of this...
  12. andrew

    In Arcem Miseria - Tower of Misery [Complete and SUBMIT]

    See the submission and download here! About the Project A parable told as a lesson turns into a grim reality for young Benjamin as he must now climb the mysterious "tower of misery". A steampunk-style game of puzzles and exploration, reach the top of the tower and learn the true meaning of...
  13. Geoff Moore

    Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    Attention: The latest version includes a save function, bug fixes and a new walking animation for Ko and is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d97obkdobkz2t79/Ko.exe (press 'S' to access saves. Special thanks to Soulpour777 for the awesome Quick Save Ex script!) Hi everyone! Sorry I...
  14. LoneWolfDon

    It Lurks! A horror-themed RPG (Chapter One available now)

      Sept.21.2014 * Update: I've improved Chapter One of It Lurks. v1.6 is available to download and play. Download page: http://itlurks.com/chapter1.html You can visit the game-entry page for it on the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest site at: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/477 If you...
  15. Galenmereth

    The Vendor [v1.0.2 available]

    Notice: This thread is for the IGMC 2014 version of the game. Later on in the thread I've been posting development pictures and videos from the commercial reimagining of the game, so please keep in mind that what you download here will be the original IGMC game (with bug-fixing patches...
  16. ??????

    Earth Under Attack - [ v1.1 Available !! ]

      Earth Under Attack is a 2D Side-Scrolling strategical Spaceship Shoot-Em-Up being developed using the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine. The VX Ace Engine has also been dramatically enhanced by pairing it with various systems / scripts from my own $D13x Script Engine. In doing this, it not only...

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