1. Tribos

    2K and 2K3 DLC's (a.k.a. "Addons")

    Not sure this is the correct place to post but I have found a link to a supposed ADDON pack for 2K/2K3. The graphics are exceptional but I am concerned that they are RIPS. Lastly, to put this into perspective, in order to prevent legal issues with my game, I have purchased copies of all RM...
  2. LightDiviner

    Cutscene Making Problem in 2K3

    OK, so, I'm trying to make a cutscene in RPG Maker 2K3, however, there seems to be no, "Wait until action is finished" command like in later installments. Is there one and I'm missing it, or will I have to just use the "Wait" command every single time for the right amount of seconds each time?
  3. upsidedownportal

    What is the best combination of makers?

    Hello all, I have been using RPG Maker VX Ace for about 50 hours now and I have been loving it. The humble bundle included coupons for 2k, 2k3, and XP. Should I buy all, none, or some of these? What features do they have that differ from ace? I'm thinking of just picking up XP, but I would get...

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Finally satisfied with the main menu xD

The plan was to have battle sprites in the menu...But these faces from Ocean's Nostalgia look pretty damn good imo. (Will have to adjust for them ofc and maybe recolor to match the overworld/battle sprites more)
It's always disturbing to me to see my cat eating something off the bathroom floor.
Sometimes it works out to not do work on my game for a while. I ran through a playtest today and got about a page of things to fix or improve...
I got lot's o balancing to do lol... I think I'll redo my skills for the 3 party members for the 5th time lol. but I need them to be more distinct for balancing the RPS element system since fights are 1 on 1 with tagging.
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