1. Abashi76

    Mod Request : Awesome features R2K3 to XP

    I have looked up this issue, to see if there are any mods to bring back R2K3 features into newer RPG Makers. The reason is, I loved those features in R2K3, especially the battle sprites for the player (since it looks stupid on RPG Maker XP). Not only that, R2K3 has a built in system to allow...
  2. Fanet

    Can't boot game or try battles?

    Hello, Im working on a game in 2k3 and everything is working alright, up until this morning when i opened the program to try one of the battles. when the game opens it sends me to a screen looking like the picture posted with this. I can not leave this page, or figure out how to disable it from...
  3. Combine items?

    Is there a way to select two items and making a third one with them? Maybe with a plugin?
  4. tammie

    Icons for 2k3?

    This is a very short question, but one that might take a lot more to answer. Is there any way to add icons to skills, items, weapons, etc...for rm2k3? Whether it's like in RMXP, with a small picture, not a whole iconset, or like RMVX+, with groups of icons in an iconset? I don't care how...
  5. Tribos

    2K and 2K3 DLC's (a.k.a. "Addons")

    Not sure this is the correct place to post but I have found a link to a supposed ADDON pack for 2K/2K3. The graphics are exceptional but I am concerned that they are RIPS. Lastly, to put this into perspective, in order to prevent legal issues with my game, I have purchased copies of all RM...
  6. Luiishu535

    REFMAP/MACK-inspired Wall Tiles

    Intro Yo! Here are some wall tiles I recently made that are inspired by REFMAP/MACK and RM2k3's RTP. They're simply 16-bit tiles that have been scaled up to fit a 32x32 grid. I had RPG Maker VX/Ace's grid-size in mind when I created these. Terms of Use You may only use these tiles for your...
  7. LightDiviner

    Error with Chipset in 2K3

    I'm using a custom World Map Chipset, but I've noticed a big problem with it. See, it has a shallow water, and deep water tile. But...when you but them side by side: Yeah...as you can tell this is NOT meant to happen...if anyone could edit the set so it works, I'd be most grateful.
  8. LightDiviner

    Snow Village Chipset

    I'm looking for a Chipset for a snowy village I can use for RPG Maker 2003.
  9. LightDiviner

    Running in 2k3

    I was wondering if there is a way to do that, like in a common event that changes your speed when you press a button, and decreases it when it isn't pressed.
  10. LightDiviner


    Would anyone happen to have a charset for, or one that resembles Carbuncle for RPG Maker 2K3? I want it to be a character in my game I'm making.
  11. LightDiviner

    Character Sprite needed

    Does anyone have, or would be willing to make a sprite for a younger version of the Heroine sprite? I want to have a scene, or multiple scenes of her as a child during my game.
  12. spaceperson13

    Kill X Monster Quest Confusion

    I'm trying to put a simple kill quest into the game but I'm running into kind of a strange problem, I think. The Quest: There's a sprite standing in the way of the path - after talking to the sprite, she tells you to kill 10 goblins (specifically goblins, not the other monsters in the troop)...
  13. jonthefox

    Scorpion Battler in 2k3 style

    I noticed that the 2k3 sideview battlers don't have a scorpion (they have a crab, but that's no bueno for what i want).  Looked around and found a bunch of scorpions but none that fit in with this battler style (the ones from XP/Ace/MV rtp are way too painted/modern looking; it wouldn't fit in...
  14. [SOLVED] Yet another "I can't see the In-Game fonts" question

    So.. I'll make this as short as possible: I've decided to randomly go through a "Top RPG Maker 2k/2k3 Games" list, the 1st place belongs to "A Blurred Line", downloaded it, executed it, noticed that I can't see any font in the places there should be, went through Google, found a lot of solutions...
  15. IndependentArt

    RM 2k3 EULA inofficial version

    (I've already posted this in the pinned EULA thread but no one seems to be noticing it ^^) Hello, I've been working on a RM 2k3 game for a while and I've been using the inofficial version+DynRpg. because, the official version doesn't work with it, obviously. but of course I do own the offical...
  16. upsidedownportal

    What is the best combination of makers?

    Hello all, I have been using RPG Maker VX Ace for about 50 hours now and I have been loving it. The humble bundle included coupons for 2k, 2k3, and XP. Should I buy all, none, or some of these? What features do they have that differ from ace? I'm thinking of just picking up XP, but I would get...
  17. Squeezi

    2k3 and Music

    So I'm super excited to see 2003 was released in English! 8D I really like the side-battle idea way better than front-view and can't wait to buy it next payday! I've been looking around at reviews and posts here on the forum about it and I have a question. I saw on the site there is a section...
  18. Solo

    Use of items and "skill books" restricted by actor/class

    I like the idea of "Skill Books," (items with the "Learn Skill" effect) and was happy that they resurrected this feature for VX Ace. However... it's not quite the same as it was in 2K/3. You can use them on anyone, no matter what... even if the skill belongs to a skill category that the actor in...

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