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    MBS - Sound Emittance

    MBS - Sound Emittance (1.1.3) by Masked   Introduction This plugin allows you to set sound emittances for events, and for the first time in RPG Maker (as far as I know) with 3D sound positioning (thanks WebAudio /o/). That's nice for creating sound effects on rivers, fire, people...

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Although limited to only this shop for room decorations, I like this aspect for previewing items.
So yesterday I got a follower (follow my NSFW art account) who dmed me and said to me :
if you continue to be friends with [name of the artists] which make me uncomfortable I will have to unfollow and I am like :
... do it?
Did I add too many?? Is there such a thing?

Rabbit's Shop I've been reworking. Still some dated graphics but 99% satisfied I think.:kaophew:
Traps, detecting traps, and disarming traps including treasure traps have now been implemented into my Might and Magic-inspired project. If you don't want to get hurt, you better have a character who focuses on the perception skill, and you better have a character who focuses on the disarm skill!

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