1. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    SYNOPSIS Odicia follows the journey of a fire mage named Eyala Troy, as she and her comrades set out on a dangerous quest to bring an end to the Kingdom of Valhara’s corrupt crusade to cleanse the world of mysterious mystical beings known as Scions. Created by illustrators Oliver Hamlin (woop)...
  2. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    8-Bit Horror Music?

    Does anyone know where I can find some good 8-bit horror music? I'm making a horror game that has graphics based on the original Link's Awakening game but I can't seem to find much 8-bit horror music. I've been trying to find music that matches what I want for my game but there doesn't seem to...
  3. Buckthorn

    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon 2

    Current version: 0.4 Endless Combat Dungeon 2 mixes retro turn-based combat similar to Dragon Quest, with inspirations from Dungeons & Dragons. You wander the open-world, take on quests, vanquish monsters that only grow stronger at night when the curse falls. You move on a grid and each step...
  4. Pixelent Games

    HERO STAFF, the retro ARPG!

    Welcome to the world of HERO STAFF and prepare for the challenge of your life! The BLACK MAGE just woke up from his sleep and now has decided to finish what he started, only you, young her, can save us all! A short but true 8-bit retro adventure full of puzzles, levels and colorful enemies...
  5. jkweath

    Finding Light

    As monsters and miasma poured forth from the Black Tower, heroes Mari and Abbie climbed the tower and defeated its master, the wizard Morgoth. Two years later, Abbie vanished. At the same time, a towering spire emerged, stretching from the ocean’s depths to beyond the sky. "Heaven's Door", as...
  6. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    The Moon rises high o'er the Wood on this night. Where four Witches gather and cackle delight. Toiling away at their spells and their brew. Looking for Trouble? For it has found you. Toil and Trouble is a smaller RPG that revolves around exploring and battling with a party of four Witches...
  7. VertigoAffliction

    Calling all 8-Bit Gamers!

    So, I find that a lot of people are talking about 'Wow! Native 4K res!' or 'Yeah! I can connect via bluetooth!' or some other form of modernized gaming that I just don't get the hype. But I do understand when someone talks about Super Mario, or Tetris, or Legend of Zelda... What are some of...
  8. Simalono

    Old School Music Thread!

    So I kind of wanting a sharing, discussion, and critique of my old school influenced music. As I don't really see a lot of people here making music that reminds me of an RPG at all. I hope there's no offense taken by that but a lot of stuff on here really doesn't feel like video game music. No I...
  9. Seacliff

    RM2k/3 Phantom.Negative

    Phantom.Negative is a retro styled game inspired by older NES RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior. The game takes many visual and system design choices based on these older games (except random encounters, screw those) and tries to emulate them while running on the very limited...
  10. Teal Dragona

    8-bit Music Converter?

    Is this the right forum to put this? Is there some sort of converter that changes any MP3's to an 8-bit like sound? Some of my things for a project require an 8-bit type sound, but all I have are normal songs..
  11. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    Where can I find retro tilesets?

    To be specific: 8/16-bit versions of the RPGMaker MV Original Tilesets. If you can find one, please leave a link to it.
  12. Drogo

    8-Bit Music vs Other music?

    I know i just created a topic so if this gets deleted thats totally fine (i hope this isnt classed as spam)  Anyway i am starting a new project and i will be putting a lot of time and effort into it so before i begin making it i would like to know off rpg maker players, do you guys prefer for...
  13. Nanaki_Fan

    Classic Gameboy style Resources

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were any resources out there that offered a retro-classic style such as the old Gameboy games in terms of tilesets, music and resources. I like the nostalgic simplicity of the graphics and the music. That grey/green hue and the pix-elated graphics. Do...
  14. Rikifive

    Frozen Dream - A NES like game made in 5 days

    "Frozen Dream" is a simple NES-like 8-bit game. Your objective is to 'slide' to your destination point, while avoiding obstacles, collecting bonuses and defeating enemies at the end of the stages. The action takes place on a mountain during Winter Holidays. Generally, there's no...

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