8 directional

  1. 8D Sprites from 4D Spritesheet

    I need help creating the four diagonal sprites that go between up, down, left, and right. It's a Shibu Inu dog breed which is the main character for one of my games. Just the first four sprites of the attached sprite sheet. If someone can help me with this for free that would be amazing!
  2. Papillon Effect

    How do you add sprites for diagonal movement?

    Hello, We are using the Yami 8 direction plugin and wanted to know how to add sprites for diagonal movement? I also found this video on the Victor Engine showing their diagonal movement and it has sprites for the respective angles. I'm guessing I just have to make the sprite sheet in a...
  3. Jonath4nC

    8 Directional Sprite Plugin

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that not only allows the player to move in 8 directions (like the Yami plugin), but also allows diagonal sprites to be used when the character moves diagonally. Here's a link to my diagonal sprite template if anyone helping me (or anyone in general) would like to...

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