1. Are there any 8 bit sv battle charas and enemies out there?

    Hi! I was just wondering as I’m using the mighty pack in my game, if are there any 8 bit sv battle charas and enemies for rpg maker mv. I don’t care if it’s paid or free, it’s just because otherwise I can’t use the resource pack as it lacks battle sprites. Thank you very much in advance :)
  2. Time fantasy resources and The mighty pack questions

    Hi :) I recently bought rpg maker mv as I want to start developing a classic rpg as the ones from the 90s (I know there are tones and mine will be just one more, but I make it for me and for people who want it for free, not for commercial) I found the mighty pack, a resource pack with 8 bit...
  3. Heystack

    Heystack's free 8bit and 16bit MV/MZ assets.

    I have created a lot of 8bit and 16bit assets for Rpgmaker MV/MZ and want to share with you. They can be used and changed to one's needs. BUT, CD-I fanart may not be used for games that are sold. I'm new to this and am willing to listen to complains, ideas and advice. [#spoiler] [#/spoiler]...
  4. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Some kind of retro arcade-style action game of sorts that I made a concept demo for.

    No, I couldn't think of a better title :P This idea literally came to me in a dream a few nights ago. Not even joking, actually dreamt about this. So the idea is that it would be something that feels like an old arcade style NES game - the sort of game that takes place all on one screen and...
  5. TakumaGao

    Are there any 8-bit music tracks available in the same style as the "8-bit Perfect Collection" DLC?

    I'm making an 8-bit styled game, and I really like the "8-bit perfect collection" DLC pack, but there's not all that many songs in it, and a lot of them seem to be made for something like an action game rather than an RPG. I also checked out the "8bit Fantasy RPG Tracks volume 1" DLC but I...
  6. Mcniner

    I Need Character Sprite.

    content removed by moderator So I'm making a Zelda fan game, and I need something like this: Basically the Link from the original Legend of Zelda in 1986 with blue clothing, and the formatted for RPG Maker MV. It is ESSENTIAL that they have the NES graphics, as my entire game will be in that...
  7. mascot1063

    RMMV Isekai Cowboy

  8. harmlessgamedev

    [Steam] Lockheart Indigo

    Lockheart Indigo Out on Steam July 31st! - About - - Summary - - Gifs -
  9. Vis_Mage

    MV Retro Battlebacks

    Hello, Does anyone know of any retro 8 or 16 bit-styled battlebacks? I'm looking to use it in MV, but any size is appreciated.
  10. Ephiam

    RM2k/3 Venaitura

    Lord Zadigan has summoned the dread Tower of Venaitura from the depths of theDark World of Radunga and is using it to spread his evil influence across the the land. He has dispatched his finest combatants, the Six Purveyors of Doom, to retrieve the only six artifacts capable of stopping him...
  11. Pixelent Games

    RMMV HERO FALL (My IGMC 2018 entry)

    Hi, I wanted to show you the game I made for the IGMC 2018, it's called HERO FALL, I used some assets from my current project HERO STAFF. HERO FALL is a simple 2d platform game where you have to collect the coins and get to the exit of every map. It's a short game actually, I didn't know how...
  12. machogrubba14

    Macho's Music Gallery! [Free Music]

    Over the past year I've been creating music for my own projects and now I wanted to share them with all of you! Please feel free to download songs that you like and use them in your games! All free of course! TERMS OF USE *DISCLAIMER* I am in no way shape or form, a professional or master...
  13. Frosty_Games_

    [RPGMV] Request for 8-bit Tileset

    I need a tileset that is based of the Default RPG Maker MV Tileset but in 8bit. If you do this, make sure the tileset would fit the style of these characters:
  14. Gaiaman77

    My Band - Arcaeon

    Hi guys, thought I would share the works of my band here, we are a progressive metal band from the UK, one of the biggest influences on our work is actually video games, particularly RPGs. (Im the guitarist) I'll be posting more tracks and updates here from time to time for people to check...

    Musician services Activate

    Hello Everyone, I am a classically trained composer who enjoys Indie RPG's I found RPGmaker back in early 2003 and would spend a lot of time writing music for the various small scale games that we wrote based off of old scenarios we were writing. I look now to continue creating on new projects...
  16. Blocker

    8 Bit Request

    Need some 8 bit tilesets Some help please?
  17. Drogo

    8-Bit Music vs Other music?

    I know i just created a topic so if this gets deleted thats totally fine (i hope this isnt classed as spam)  Anyway i am starting a new project and i will be putting a lot of time and effort into it so before i begin making it i would like to know off rpg maker players, do you guys prefer for...
  18. marcelofernandezmusic

    8bit royalty free music

    Hi there, I want to share with you this album I've made that you can use in commercial and non-commercial games. You can listen to them here: -  Get them here: - http://www.marcelofernandezmusic.com/royalty-free-music/8bit-music/ Hope you all enjoy it! Regards, Marcelo
  19. AlxEllis

    Retro Modern DLC - Tileset issues!

    Hello all, first off I just joined today so if this post is in the wrong section of the forum I apologize as I'm still finding my way around. I have an issue with my recently purchased Retro Modern tileset DLC, it is simply impossible to use, I have attached pictures of what it looks like in...

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