1. StardustPiggly

    Stardust Piggly's Resources

    Terms of Use Free to use and modify as long as credited. Free for commercial use as well. If you're looking for a more polished and detailed gacha for MV @dragoonwys made some really nice ones. Just don't forget to read up and follow their terms of use :LZSproud: Download Flat top...
  2. dangerousbob


    HERE IT IS BOYS. LAZER EYES 2. As if anyone was waiting for it. Engine: MV Runtime: 20 to 50 hours. Action Adventure RPG Comedy Game is completed and tested. So I was on the race track and crashed, broke my legs and was stuck on the bed for a month. I thought...
  3. JosephSeraph

    [IGMC 2015] Resonate ~call out my angel~ (Coming to Steam!)

      a game by JosephSeraph     ~Synopsis~ This is a rather subjective game, as such it is suggested that you try to look for meaning beyond the obvious and interprete it. It also ended up being a much more personal game than I had planned for. 3 young ones are tasked by a mysterious voice to grow...

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This is not something I'd ever even considered but wow! What a way to use music in a game.

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