1. JensDuck

    Zodiac kinda thingamajig (?)

    Has anyone done anything with Zodiac signs? Like should I ask the birthdate like the start of Final Fantasy Tactics? Or should I have them select one of the twelve, assuming they know there sign? Just curious if there is any forsure way to have that play with other NPCs.
  2. JensDuck

    Am I just missing something? (Quest Making)

    Is there a correct way to say kill "X" amount of enemies? Am I looking for something like quest making, and need to do more detailed searching. Any help is help. Thanks, in advance.
  3. JensDuck

    Hello RPG World... I am JensDuck!

    Welcome, and thank you for clicking the topic, as I said I am JensDuck or Daniel. I am in the start/beginning of a game that has to do with the end. I know it is a long way from any release, but I am also managing a few departments 40+ hours a week, a four-year-old Jack, and completely addicted...

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I have been enjoying a game on my iPhone, called Wonderbox. It is just a little game where you create adventures, share them, whilst also being able to play others. It's a bit zelda-esque. I have started some youtube for those, gonna start with RPG maker things soon as well. So if you wish to see, do check it out :)
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I feel QSprite for MV is underrated. I basically am able to use my chibi sideview battlers I drew on the maps and have all the motions available. this'll help a lot with cutscenes.
I've figured out how to reasonably tall-ify chibi sprites on my editor. I like that making tall sprites gives me control on expressing how tall characters seem on the field relative to each other as well as better differentiate adult sprites from child sprites.
doing some wacky experimental stuff in MV right now :kaoluv: I cannot wait to drop what I've been working on

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