1. Parlu10

    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Hi everyone, I was trying to make a passive ability, also using Yanfly's Plugins, that would work like "Synchronize" in pokemon: whenever the user has a negative status, they transmit it to their enemies; in my case, I want them to transfer it to a random target. However I don't really...
  2. Maizarkos

    RPG Maker MV - Skill that becomes stronger based on how many other skills a character learns.

    Hello, my name is Maizarkos. I am wondering if it is possible to create a skill which damage depends on how many other skills are learned. I plan to make an ability called "All-In-One" which takes the damage values of other abilities (and possibly their effects such as paralysis from Thunder)...
  3. Inamortus

    "Use" Function Plugin

    Hi all, I've looked everywhere for a plugin that achieves this, but I haven't been able to find it, so I've come here. What I need is a plugin that allows me to give a character an ability called "Use", intended to function in the same way as Rikku's "Use" function in Final Fantasy X, ie...
  4. Skill-Creation Problem

    I'm trying to search online for a solution, but I just can't get the best way to do it. (I'm also new to RPG Maker MV, just used it today) So far I'm not having trouble making skills I desire, but I just can't make a skill where it "restores HP and MP every turn for all allies including self...
  5. IamJustice743

    Damage Per Hit/Stat Increase Skill

    I want to make a skill/state change where when it is activated one of the player's stats increases for every time they are struck by an attack (This is dissimilar to the attack Bide from Pokemon, where the player stores damage and then releases it back at the enemy). An example of this would be...
  6. IamJustice743

    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    I want to make a skill for my game that works similar to the Fortune Arcana boss's ability in Persona 3: when the skill is activated, it randomly picks either the enemy's entire team or the player's entire team and it inflicts a random effect to each player on that side of the field. This...
  7. Zurc

    How to change or add skills during battle?

    I had this unique idea where one of my characters in my game change her ability in game after using it... It goes like this: She casts ability #1, ability #1 disappears and it is replaced by ability #2. Casting ability #2 will disappear and changed by ability #3 and the list goes on... The...
  8. TheObermotz1

    Skipping a turn in combat.

    How does one inflict a condiction on one of their own characters AND deal damage to an enemy with the same ability in the same turn? From what I can see, it's only possible to inflict a condition on your enemy (and your enemy only) as you're attacking them or inflict a condition on yourself but...
  9. RMVNex

    Reflect X% damage?

    Hi! In the game I'm making, there are about 20 different characters (as of right now). Some are warriors, others are mages, others are supports and the others are tanks. Now I want to make a bit of diversity amongst those tanks, not just taking hits and a bit of healing here and there. I was...
  10. xanax48

    Got MP?

    Most games tend to use a standard system for magic, MP. Characters have a certain amount of MP (say 200 at lv. 10) that increases with level and in battle they can cast abilities each costing various amounts of MP (fire 12mp, shiva 80mp). There are exceptions like in Pokémon. Each use of an...
  11. Broken_squirrel

    Hybrid Skills.

    Hello everyone, I am looking at creating a skill that deals single target damage based on one damage formula and then aoe damage to all enemies with a different damage formula. What is the best way to achieve this hybrid type of skill? 
  12. Disruptis

    IF (AbilityUsed) == ?

    I'm not sure if this isn't a thing or I'm just an idiot, but does anybody know how to make an IF statement that triggers when an actor uses a certain ability in a battle? Is there a plugin that does this or am I missing something obvious?
  13. VirusChris

    [REQUEST/MV] Skill Sealing/Jamming Plugin

    Hey there, another request from me that I hope can be made in the future one day I as I like to have something like this for one of my future RPG Projects. This one might be another challenging Plugin for MV to make, but I wouldn't mind getting help with making this as for the one RPG I...
  14. Alistair

    [ADDON] AP - Ability Distribution

    ~ Ability Distribution ~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   The Ability Distribution plugin is an addon to my Stat Distribution plugin: It will thus not work on its own. Make sure that both plugins are always...
  15. Emperor DragonBreath

    Support Abilities

    It means just as it sounds. For my game, I will need to implement support abilities, basically passive skills that you can equip and unequip at will, as long as those support abilities don't exceed your load, or ability limit. Anyone who has played the Bravely games should know what I'm talking...
  16. Lecode

    Side Effects Control

    Version History Version 1.0 /* # - 0.0 : Bêta # - 1.0 : Initial release # : Deep code reorganization # : News occasions: "after this skill invoked" # "after this attack invoked" # "after this item invoked" # : Occasions can be fusioned: <leffect: x,y,z> # : Effects can be read...
  17. Witchcat

    Time based ability (on map)

    Hi everyone! Hope someone can help me to solve this. I designed some abilities that I want to be used on maps and when they are activated they have to show something (a plugin command) for a limited amount of time. Here is one of my attempt to make this work... but its not working... the...
  18. Lecode

    [Released]Side Effects Control

    Introduction This plugin allows the user to set advanced effects for battlers, states and equipments. These effects' logics are done through script call in the note box on defined occasions: When Something Do that (scriptcall) Do that (scriptcall) ... End The purpose of this...
  19. Fernyfer775

    Why is this ability missing?

    Hello there. Just curious as to why an ability is missing. Here are the parameters I'm using: Character hit chance is at 116%. Ability success chance is 100%. Enemy Evade chance is 0%. Sooooo...either I'm missing something (mostly likely the case since I'm a derp), or there's something wrong...
  20. Clockwarkgate

    Requesting 'Exploding state'

    Need a "State Script" that activates when the character with the state is attacked. Here is the mechanic: ...so basically, just like "Thorn Bind Hostage" effect.

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