abs problem

  1. RMMV ABS Alpha - Weapon dmg

    Hello guys, i want to put some weapons in my game with different dmg. But i cant change the dmg of the weapon only the attack speed. I was searching on the internet all night i didnt found anything. So i can change my auto attack dmg with the first skill thats okay. But how can i add different...
  2. How I can make Boss Battle death explosion or more collapse in Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS?

    Hi I need help with making boss battle death explosion, not like to fade out (demo version). I know how to make cutscenes, but I don't know about the boss battle death explosion or more collapse. If anyone knows, please, answer. Thank you.
  3. RMMV Problem with Chrono Engine ABS

    Hello everyone! I'm working with Chrono engine ABS system and I dont know how to do that the other members of the team attack to the enemies at the same time I'm doing. I'had tried with this.actor().movetotarget but it doesnt work. The others only follow me all time. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Help with Quasi's ABS

    His input, ABS and movement are the only plugins I have. That being said I've got the main hero able to attack but now I can't get the enemies to attack or take damage. I watched this tutorial video and followed to the letter. If anyone can help please do.
  5. Bricius

    Phoenix KageDesu's ABS Damage Dillema

    So, to the best of my ability I can say I have searched for a solution to this problem before hand, spending a few days and trying different ways of using the plugins. At current for the base of this scenario I am using the plugins Hime's Weapon Damage and Phoenix Kage Desu's ABS. As a second I...

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