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  1. RMMV ABS Alpha - Normal battle

    Hello guys, im using ABS Alpha on MV. I have two questions: 1. Is it possible to do normal fights, if the plugin is turned on? ( I want to make the boss as normal (Rounded) fight if its possible.) 2. If not possible, can i activate somehow a state by actor hp? (Like the knock out state at HP...
  2. ReeledTiedBTH

    RMMV ALPHA ABS Auto Attack disable?

    Is there a way to disable Alpha ABS Auto Attack. Like can I just find a way to press a button to melee every time I want to attack? I've tried the <noTarget:1> but when I mouse click it switches to auto-attack. I want to use this for making firearms too. Where players can tap to shoot instead of...
  3. RMMV Problem with Chrono Engine ABS

    Hello everyone! I'm working with Chrono engine ABS system and I dont know how to do that the other members of the team attack to the enemies at the same time I'm doing. I'had tried with this.actor().movetotarget but it doesnt work. The others only follow me all time. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Help with Quasi's ABS

    His input, ABS and movement are the only plugins I have. That being said I've got the main hero able to attack but now I can't get the enemies to attack or take damage. I watched this tutorial video and followed to the letter. If anyone can help please do.
  5. thalesgal

    RMMV Puteiro's Casino Escape 1.0

    Introduction: Hello guys, I have finished my game. I have downloaded intel XDK to import my project to apk, and test my game on a smartphone. But it was impossible to play due a lot of bugs. I have read some threads on internet, but it seens to be too hard to do. Especially for who don't...

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just when I thought one of the greatest game of all time couldn't get any better, they announce a new dlc for it.
For anyone interested: there's another huge humble bundle with JRPG assets + a game jam starting next month - it's for a good cause, so check it out <3
Turning a specific vibe into reality is incredibly difficult. For instance, this song is one of the ones I listen to when working on my post apocalyptic project, and getting it's "feeling" into the game has been a real challenge.

I don't just wanna regurgitate the numbers I see, I wanna actually understand the calculations I'm making so I'm probably gonna make a post later with some calculations and what I THINK they mean to get some advice and corrections.

Edit: All (Most) of these will be tested in game prior. I just wanna make sure I understand what's going on under the hood if you will.
my girlfriend calls all my little chibi art cute lol... funny considering that wasn't the original art style of the game.

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