1. Gabiszon

    RMMV Chrono / Cross engine abs hookshot tool xy position help

    Hi! I'm having a simillar problem as in this thread: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/chrono-abs-height-problem.127943/ Users there resolved it but didn't post how they fixed/changed it;; you can change the x and y offsets but when i test it the hookshot "falls down" to the...
  2. RMMV The Celtic Arthurian Legend

    RPG Maker MV + Plugin Action Battle system Kagedesu ( ******* ) Synopsis : In the Middle Ages in Brittany, King Uther Pendragon and Queen Igraine are expecting 2 children. The witch Queen Igraine has a vision of the future where she sees the ruined Castle of Camelot where her daughter Morgana...

    Hi all, I recently purchased rpg maker XP and have been having loads of fun designing maps and writing storylines for planned games, but in recent years i've found myself growing tired of turn based combat in rpgs, leaning more into games like Shining Soul II, Dark Souls 3, and A Link To The...
  4. Lex1253

    Need help making an Event "Area of Effect" activation (Script Call)

    So, essentially what I want to do in my game is an Active Battle System built from the ground up using Events as enemies. So far, it's not going too bad, but there is a small problem. My game uses both melee and ranged combat, and I can't figure out a script that tells the event/player: "If...
  5. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Which (good) ABS systems for MZ are compatible with pixel movement plugins (QPlugins MZ LunaTechs, etc.) and Galv’s Projectile plugins?

    I’ve found out about JABS, but it is kinda lackluster due to its sparse documentation… Not sure whether it supports plugin commands for pixel movement plugins and projectile plugins (especially those by Galv)… If those aren’t supported in that plugin, then what other ABS plugins for MZ can...
  6. Mike-Turtle

    RMMV Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator #nofreegamejam

    Help us out by wishlisting us on Steam! Being created for #NoFreeGameJam Made in MV/MZ for PC and Linux As idle as you want: 'Desktopia' simulates a fantasy medieval village along the bottom of your desktop, allowing you to work, watch, or play something else while your village grows. You can...
  7. Somnus

    RMMV MOG Chrono Engine ABS Shield CT Drain

    Need help with MOGS Chrono engine ABS Shield. I'm nearly finished with my game is this is my last hurdle I need to figure out. The shield is the one tool giving me trouble. I need it to either drain CT while the action button for it is being held, or for CT to drain when an enemy hits you. I'm...
  8. Somnus

    MC Main Menu Common Events

    Can Common events be ticked within the main menu of MV or do you absolutely have to use plugins? EX. Opening the main menu ticks a Common event that stops BGM and closing it ticks one that plays BGM?
  9. swordsvswords

    RMMV Make a variabels from MOG_ToolHUD current active tools.

    Hi, I use mog hunter plugin to set my rmmv to abs mode. I want to ask. Is it possible to create a variable from equipment in use? For example when selecting fireball, set var 01 to variable 1, when selecting Lightning set var 01 to 2 and so on. Likewise with items. All help is very much...
  10. Pheonix KageDesu

    Active Battle System (AABSZ) for MV and MZ. New update (with PvP)!

    Alpha ABS Z by Pheonix KageDesu This plugin is sequel of Alpha ABS plugin and made for replace it Last Version: 0.8.5 (12.10.2022) (this plugin in active development, updates every month) ✅Features: Real-time battles right on the map Constant updates, support from the developer, a large...
  11. CardeMaker

    Is that a way to remotely activate an Self-Switch?

    Yeah, i know that's odd, so let me explain. Basically, i'm trying to make an abs system by eventing, but there's a thing that bothers me about it,in all the ABS systems via events that i saw, you have to create a switch to use when you kill an enemy, it makes very sense using it, but the problem...
  12. missdessire

    RMVXA Resident Evil 1 Demake - CO-OP Experience

    Hello everybody! My name is Gabriel, aka Miss Dessire, and I am behind the development of Resident Evil VX: The CO-OP Experience. This is a project I've been working on for a very very long time, I'd dare to say years, because I didn't have the knowledge I needed to work on this the way I...
  13. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Where can I find the Cross Engine (Chrono + Pixel Movement)? And does it work the same as the vanilla Chrono Engine?

    I've found the post for Cross Engine quite a while ago, but now I lost track of it. Can any of you give the original post of the Cross Engine? And one question: Is the Cross Engine compatible with resources for the vanilla Chrono Engine, and do the tutorials for the vanilla Chrono Engine works...
  14. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Chrono Engine Setup 101 for Beginners please! I am having troubles in setting up the plugins for it!

    Recently I have got the Chrono Engine pack from Moghunter, and that's a HECK LOAD of plugins for just an ABS!!:hsrs: One problem remains for me: How the heck can I set up the Chrono battle system? I'm having troubles in setting it up, since it keep throwing errors if I keep the plugins / images...
  15. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Free for both non-commercial and commercial use ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV that is compatible with mobile input?

    I've just ask the RPG Maker subreddit on which mobile-compatible ABS plugin should I use for my project, given that the Undertale battle system plugin for MV by SRD seems to be not compatible with mobile input. Instead of giving me a comprehensive list of mobile-compatible ABS plugins, they...
  16. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I cannot move my character to any ways and cannot interact with anything.
  17. RMMV QABS errors

    I cannot find out what`s my problem abs
  18. BiggieCheese


  19. remainderstudios

    [vx ace] Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid - shows number of arrows

    Hello, i am using Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script on RPG Maker VX Ace. there is a small bug in this script. You equip the bow, and the number of arrows you have in your inventory appears in the skill bar below (all good). (see picture) but when you equipping another weapon, the number of...
  20. BiggieCheese

    MrMo's Abs Hotkeys?

    Hi, I tried exhuming MrMo's ABS. Apart from the ABS system, it allows the player setting certain keys with learned skills. I wanted to use a Script Call to set automatically these hotkeys, without the player possibility to choose, but I don't know how. I guess the answer's in the og script...

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