1. BlacerStudio

    [Steam] Time For Quest

    Trailer Description You there, champion. Spare me some of your time. I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero! Time For Quest is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures...
  2. Sparky89

    ABS - QUASI - help - Weapon animation

    Anyone here used the ABS system by Quasi? any idea on how to disable enemies re spawning every time i re-enter a map? Or any idea on how to make weapon animations display in this ABSystem Thank you.
  3. Looking for Help with the QuasiABS Plugins.

    I've discovered this QABS plugin and it's project file. I've figured out alot of it, but it would be great if there were tutorials or a manual of some sort for me to do some studying on it. Does anyone know if there is much support out there for it?
  4. gsuk

    scripting to decide behavior of enemies based on levels of party members

    I'm using a script which makes enemies attack you if they are stronger than you (based on their level). It works fine when there is only one party member, but let's say you are level 10 and you recruit someone who is level 3. There are enemies that will not attack you if you are alone (because...
  5. FiercestPixel

    Mogs Chrono ABS and Yanfly's SelfSw/Var plugins

    Hey there. I'm wondering if somone fluent in java would know of a way to make Yanfly's SelfSwitch/Var plugin and Mog's abs system compatible? Maybe a script to turn off yanflys plugin before the enemy dies? I believe mog's abs uses hidden self switches to show when an enemy dies. The error...
  6. RMMV Forsaken Kingdoms : Zelda/KingdomHearts Inspired ARPG

  7. QueenTeaYT

    Action Battle System like The Crooked Man?

    Is there a way to fight sprites on a map instead of enter a battle system? I looked around and saw people calling this kind of fighting "action battle system," so I hope I used the right term. If there's a script to allow this, that's cool, but a vanilla VXA way would be nice. EDIT: On my own...
  8. MasterofRevels

    Lag between attack pose and damage in QABS

    Hi everyone, I'm using QABS along with QSprite to bring in custom 8 directional sprites. The issue I'm having is that there is a noticeable lag between when the damage should be (based on when the weapon hits) and when the damage actually is delivered. It becomes a bigger problem when there's...
  9. Wabron

    RMMV A Broken Tale - Comedy Action Adventure (Voice-acted ABS game)

    Intro gameplay - We are making a game inspired by the 90's classics we grew up with as kids. Banjo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Conker etc. Its a comedy action adventure game. We use ABS combat. The Game is 100% voice acted. All the art and music are custom made. Its a open world game, though you...
  10. definite_lee

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this...
  11. Qabs Conditional branching when HP=0 of the enemy is achieved

    Hello. I am using QABS plugin. And I don't know how to use JavaScript. I am using event box on map as enemy. I want to trigger an event when the enemy HP is zero. For example, I would like to change the image of an enemy when it reaches HP =0. I'm using Cv2_deathcommononevent plugin, which deals...
  12. Belleuosus

    MV - changing character at any time

    I'm planning a game using an ABS instead of turn based. Before each mission, players build a 4 person party from 7 available characters. I want to have it set so the player can press a button to switch control between characters in their party while out on missions. Any advice on how to do this?
  13. p0_boy

    Better Way To "Freeze" a Player's HP?

    I am working on a game that uses an ABS plugin, so all of the action takes place on-map. There are points when I need to "freeze" the player's HP, and prevent it from suffering damage. I am currently using a script that uses a variable to store the player's HP: var xActor =...
  14. Canini

    RMVXA [RSE]The fishing trip of Byleif (verse 27)

    I am currently working on a collection of narrative viking poetry based on the Hattatal. This has unfortunately made me not be very active on this website anymore but for the release something event I decided to make a small comeback with a game based on one of the verses. This game (if I may...
  15. Drifter92

    RMMV Dungeon Crawler (Demo available)

    Overview: In between my bigger project I've been having a bit of fun making a basic Zelda-like dungeon crawler that has a few simple combat mechanics for now. I want to try and keep it fairly simple so it would be a nice project that's achievable to finish. I'm also looking to get some feedback...
  16. KrimsonKatt

    RMMV Generic RPG Quest 3! A trilogy no one asked for.

    Hello everyone! DewottKid (also known as KrimsonKatt) here and today I would like to share with you my first game since the change from VX Ace to MV and Dragonspirit99 to KrimsonKatt! It is called Generic RPG Quest 3. (You made have seen ads for it on my signature) I think right now I got it...
  17. ForestLogic

    What's the best way to go about making Zelda-esque tools/gears on the map?

    After a lot of searching, everytime I've seen this question come up, it's people looking to 100% replicate Zelda-style gameplay, and thus the answer was always to use QABS for it. However with me, I want to make use of Zelda's puzzle gameplay with stuff like shooting arrows at switches, using...
  18. Eliaquim

    LinnetAbs.js - Load Game Issue

    Hello! : D I am using this plugin for an abs system. I like him because he is very simple. However, it has a problem when I try to load a game. Here is the plugin: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rafaelalmeidatk/JGSS/master/Christmas-Pack/LinnetSimpleABS.js Here is the error (RM MV 1.6.1)...
  19. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS + Pixel Movement Loot Help

    So long story short, I have Pearl ABS working with Victors Pixel Movement. Everything is fine and dandy except one teensy weensy problem... When you kill an enemy and they drop their "loot", it's near impossible to pick up and you have to fidget around trying to find the right pixel you need to...
  20. FiercestPixel

    Chrono ABS and Picture Common Events

    I recently started playing around with Moghunter's ABS and have decided to try to make an android game out of his test project. All in all, It was successful (except for a few minor audio problems) and the apk file ran great on my android. I soon realized the player would need buttons on screen...

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