absorption barrier

  1. The_Black_Knight

    Lessen damage if opponent has Absorption Barrier

    So, I would like for some attacks to have their damage lessened or halved if the target has Absoprtion Barrier points left. Most enemies start battle with some ammount of Barrier you need to fight through first with specialized skills. I'm not quite proficient in script, so I hope someone could...
  2. The_Black_Knight

    Varying damage based on Absoprtion Barrier

    So, I have no idea how to do this at all. What I'm looking to do is to increase or reduce the damage of certain skills depending if they damage hp or barrier. By default most skills always strike damage to barrier, until it runs out. I would like to further specialize skills to anti-barrier and...
  3. Yanfly's Absorption Barrier Help

    I have a (hopefully) quick question: Is there a way to generate a barrier based off of percent damage done. I know with Yanfly's Aborption Barrier you can use a pretty simple command to scale off of Maximum HP from the game system: <Custom User Barrier y Turns> value += user.mhp / x; </Custom...
  4. Darkstrife

    Stuck on creating a custom Barrier Gauge

    Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if this is the best spot for this question so please let me know if this is a mispost The project I'm working on utilizes the Absorption Barrier plugin by Yanfly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cpwyqp3yryczac/YEP_AbsorptionBarrier.js?dl=0 I've done a great deal of...
  5. Nantas

    Absorption Barrier - Create a maximum

    Here is the plugin I am talking about : http://yanfly.moe/2016/02/13/yep-70-absorption-barrier-rpg-maker-mv/ I want to create a maximum number, that no skill or item can surpass when giving AP (Absorption Points). For example, Harold has 1000 HP. I don't want the AP to surpass that number. It...
  6. Yanfly Absorption Barrier

    Hey, any chance support will be added to this to make it so a barrier you place can scale off of the stats of the caster, as a state or not either way.  Or is this feature already in? I tried using a scaling formula (a.mat * 2 for example) but it doesn't work. ...

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