1. casper667

    RPG Maker MZ Academy

    RPG Maker MZ Academy Project by: Casper Gaming Version 3.0.0 Last Update: April 27, 2021 The RPG Maker MZ Academy is a learning resource in a school setting. In the game, you progress through grade levels while learning increasingly complex things about the editor as you move up grades. You can...
  2. RaynRayn

    FREE The Sleeping Sea Project

    Introduction The Sleeping Sea Project is an in-development RPG made with RMVXA. The graphics are very basic, standard; this is my first ever RPG. I am looking for a multitude of positions that do not include artists, but do include things such as writers, betas, etc. I am going for a Deep-Sea...
  3. RaynRayn

    RMVXA Feedback on Untitled Witch/Sea Witch RPG?

    I have already begun development for this game, but I'm not confident enough to post screenshots since it's only VERY early development that's been made. But, I have fleshed out an entire plot, its surrounding characters, twists, etc. My two artists are INCREDIBLY talented (see their IGs...
  4. Magic Academy Demo

    Magic Academy Synopsis/Overview: You play as a young black mage named Gladius, who has hopes of becoming a warlock. In order to accomplish his dream, he tries to enroll in Magic Academy, which is a school of mages training and learning to become warlocks, priestesses, and such. Gladius...
  5. RyanA

    Someone suggest an academy name?

    The academy for gifted meatheads and everyone else.

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Revisiting one of my older projects in a long time to work some more on the mechanics. I've been working on- and off-again for about a year now on recreating the Force and Mystic systems from Wild ARMs. And I think I've finally made some good breakthroughs on that!

Still, it is not perfect and I may post my thoughts at a later time to see if there are any other suggestions or alternatives I've missed.
actor name string, why you gotta be case sensitive like that?
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th October 2021

My entire world, full of monsters and treasures, will likely be done by the end of the year. After that it's all NPCs and side quests... then done. I'm never making an open world game again xD

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