1. Animebryan

    Need a plugin for Multiple Accessories

    I need a plugin that allows multiple accessories instead of just 1 by default. Not only does it need to allow multiple accessories but to be able to restrict multiple copies of the same accessory. The multiple accessory slots need to be considered as the same equipment type so that any accessory...
  2. atoms

    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    Hey there. As some of you know Yanfly made a wonderful iconset for RPG Maker MV which can be found in the link below. At the moment it has recolours of nearly everything including weapons too, I was wondering if someone could take it...
  3. kobthehawk

    Wheelchairs and Crutches (...oh my!)

    I made a long post request earlier and thought it wasn't the best I could have done for this forum. So I requested something understandable. Are there animations for paraplegics and wounded characters that are limp? Can they have accessories that go with that? Surely slowed motion events could...
  4. kobthehawk

    [Making A Movie!] I need actors, costumes and makeup!

    Greetings! I am Kob, aspiring story writer and film enthusiast. Lately my book writing has been detoured as of late and I wanted to see if I could make small little films using the cutscene systems in RPG Maker MV. If you want to know why I am pursuing this, its because I managed to see most of...
  5. How would I go about making a Accessory with a status effect?

    For my game I was going to have certain Accessories do effects like starting out the battle with Buffs or a status effect that allows the player to be revived after death for 3 turns (different subject, different time). I also have another idea of letting the player have all skill costs to be...
  6. Animebryan

    Need a plugin to prevent stacking the same accessory with Yanfly's Equip Core

    I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to enable multiple accessory slots (currently 4) but there's no feature in the plugin to prevent an actor from stacking the same accessory. I just need a plugin that checks to see if another copy of the accessory is already equipped & if so, prevents it from...
  7. Eddweird

    Way to Add Accessory Slots Through Leveling Up?

    A la Kingdom Hearts, is there a way through plugins (such as Yanfly's Equip Core) or otherwise to add an accessory slot to a character at a certain level? Basically, Character can equip one accessory, but at level 10, they can equip two.
  8. MeowFace

    (Auto) Equip Slots (Beginner friendly)

    Made for a request here. This script allows equip slots to be add/remove automatically simply by adding/removing armour type in the database editor. Since it's using armour type instead of equip type for slots, you can add as many slot types as you like to your game simply by creating more...
  9. izanamikun

    Cannot Equip Accessories

    So, I can't figure out what I might have done wrong. For a short time into my game, I can equip accessories just fine. But for some reason, right after I finish the first enemy/quest thing, it's sealed and my ability to equip accessories is gone. I have no intention of selling this game, so I'll...
  10. Golden Fish Entertainment

    "Skill Booster" Accessories

    We are trying to figure out a way to have certain accessories in the game act as "boosters" for certain skills, IE if you have a "Doctor's Bag" equipped, then your "First Aid" skill will heal more HP per usage, etc. We were thinking that we could use a common event, something like...

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