1. Galaron

    [RMMV] Virtual Reality (VR) visor/headset

    Resource Type: Generator Part Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Hi guys, I'm searching for a generator extension of a VR headset like the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest. Having the "joysticks" is a plus but not really necessary, what I'm after is the headset...
  2. Shiou___Menato

    Can i make an accessory that buffs the whole party?

    Something like a passive +4 defense.
  3. JaeJaeCee

    Vertically Striped Rainbow headband

    resource type: Generator piece maker format: MV requires Face, SV, TV, TVD, and Variation pieces, please. C-sheets as well. reference: It would also be helpful if you can do it for male, female and child.
  4. IanBeMe

    IanBeMe's Pirate Generator Parts

    After looking online for a good amount of time I haven't really found any pirate resources for the Generator aside from eye patches. I didn't want all the pirates in my games to have the exact same look so I decided to make some Pirate resources of my own. I'm not a great artist or editor so my...
  5. Blair Pendragon

    Shield, Helm, & Accessory Term change

    Finally received my full copy of RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to rebuild some of the basics I established in RPG Maker VX Ace. I changed Head to Armor, Armor to Accessory, and Accessory to Spirit. (Along with Main hand, and Off hand for weapon/shield.) But in MV, I can only change weapon, and...
  6. baufian

    Making multiple slots.

    Hey there, I recently tried to make it to where the player could equip multiple accessories(I.E. multiple rings), but can't seem to get it right, either i make another slot and have to make a duplicate of that item and have two different items that can't go in the other accessory slot.  I...
  7. Eddweird

    Way to Add Accessory Slots Through Leveling Up?

    A la Kingdom Hearts, is there a way through plugins (such as Yanfly's Equip Core) or otherwise to add an accessory slot to a character at a certain level? Basically, Character can equip one accessory, but at level 10, they can equip two.
  8. Emperor DragonBreath

    Visor Helmet

    This is my first resource request. Does RPG Maker MV have any helmet generator parts, let alone those that cover the entire face, if not, then has anyone made a helmet that covers the entire face as a generator add-on, because one of my bosses, Emperor Akira is supposed to have a helmet that...
  9. Looking for a 6 Accessory Equip System

    Greetings Scripter, or is it Scriptor?     I am looking for an Equipment System much like that of League of Legends.  In case you haven't played the game before, what I am looking for is simple. What I need is for a character to have 1 Weapon which is permanently equipped (RMXP provides this)...
  10. Golden Fish Entertainment

    "Skill Booster" Accessories

    We are trying to figure out a way to have certain accessories in the game act as "boosters" for certain skills, IE if you have a "Doctor's Bag" equipped, then your "First Aid" skill will heal more HP per usage, etc. We were thinking that we could use a common event, something like...

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