achievement system

  1. horst_onager

    HO Achievement System

    HO Achievement System v1.2 Author: Horst Onager Latest Update: 2022-08-16 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone! This plugin adds an achievement system into your game! It's a plugin I originally wrote for just my own...
  2. waynee95

    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    WAY_Achievements by waynee95 NOTE: I am no longer working with RPG Maker and have no interest in getting back into it. This means that I will NOT add any additional features to my plugins nor fix bugs unfortunately. Feel free to make edits yourself. Please refrain from contacting me privately...
  3. Macko89

    In need of an achievement system script

    Achievement Script   Games these days are based on getting and earning Achievements. So I thought hey why not have an achievement system for this game not only will the game play will make it enjoyable but trying to earn achievements on the way will make it much more enjoyable to play plus...

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