1. Tuomo L

    What is that Steam achievement?

    Since when has MV had Steam achievements? It lists 1 hidden achievement on Steam.
  2. MushroomCake28

    MUSH: Advance Achievement System

    Introduction: Do you want an achievement system like the ones on Play Station (3 and 4) or XBox (sorry don't use XBox much so I don't know which ones have an achievement system)? Well you're in luck, I just made a plugin for that. It is highly customizable (can customize all the text, all bar...
  3. Hopeless Dreamer

    RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    Synopsis Explore the mysterious island of Illumia with it's many secrets and treasures. Non linear interactive gameplay allows you to choose how you play with different routes and endings. Progress is determined by the treasure you collect allowing you to clear obstacles and beat bosses without...
  4. EternalShadow

    [Request] [Ace] Achievement Display Grid

    Hi :D I hope this is generally a fairly simple request. Essentially, not limited to achievements, but can be used for images or other things in general as well. Basically, would it be possible to have a grid that shows a certain image in its respective location on a grid if the...
  5. MeowFace

    Fade in Short Text

    Made for a request here. This script make uses of the map name window and let you display short texts with it that fades in and out just like the map names. So you may use it to display achievements, chapters or any other short texts you like. Features: Short text that fades in and out...
  6. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, I am looking for a way to implement an achievement/trophy API script connecting and stored on Gamejolt into various projects constructed on the RMVX engine so that players can score achievements while playing these games, such as my indev Warriors of Guardias II: The Age of Drakes and...
  7. The Commander

    GameJolt Achievement API script

    Hi there, since I've begun adding my various projects to the indie database, I've been looking into potentially finding some way to give players trophies as rewards for playing the games. One of these games was developed on RMXP, and, in fact, already has an ingame achievement...
  8. Achievement system script for menu

    Hello everybody, For my class I have to make a game and now I want to make a variation of the game 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors. In this game you can have different endings, depending on which doors you take in the game. Now I want to make a script that shows a (x) amount of achievements with a...

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