1. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Orange Greenworks Steam Achievements popup issue

    *Note, in my recording it looks like the popup didn't show up in so I added a screenshot. I'm having an issue getting achievements to show up properly in my game. If the game is full screen the achievement is hidden outside of the main game window unless you hover over it with a mouse and then...
  2. IvanForever

    Critical Hit Achievements

    I am implementing in-game Achievements (e.g., the ones like Steam Achievements), but haven't been able to figure things out for the Critical Hit ones I want; this is something I've been stuck with for a long time. I want to make these Achievements possible: when the player lands a Critical Hit...
  3. theunderscoregreg

    RMMZ Vamps for the Memories

    ABOUT VAMPS An undead lord is terrorizing the countryside and every hunter in the realm is clamoring to be the first to stake'm! Play as two hunters who band together in their quest to defeat the new evil first! Explore creaky basements, magic temples, castles, and public parks! This is a cozy...
  4. KTRay0405

    RMMV CGMV Achievements Playtime [SOLVED]

    Is the playtime counted in seconds, or frames? I'm trying to make some achievements that are playtime-related, and for one of them requires 1 HR, so I put 3600 seconds into the playtime slot, but whenever I actually playtest it, it's says this:
  5. Keegs

    What is your greatest most insignificant achievement?

    For me - I dunno if this would be noteworthy of being an achievement, but I smile knowing I've been a user of Discord since October 2015. I also have an internal desire to become the overlord of the planet,(over exaggeration, a continent is big enough) so self-consciously, probably one-upping...
  6. casper667

    [CSCA] Achievements

    CSCA Achievements By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 7/25/2013 Latest Version: 2.2.1 This script creates an achievement system in your game. Achievements Works well with other CSCA Scripts for achievements related to (example) bestiary/encyclopedia Achievement points Automatic tracking of...
  7. casper667

    [CGMZ] Achievements

    CGMZ Achievements By: Casper Gaming Last Update: March 10, 2023 Latest Version: 1.5.0 Adds an achievements system including achievement points, secret achievements, difficulty, and more. Achievements offer automatic tracking as well as manual unlocking. Achievements can also have rewards such...
  8. horst_onager

    HO Achievement System

    HO Achievement System v1.2 Author: Horst Onager Latest Update: 2022-08-16 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone! This plugin adds an achievement system into your game! It's a plugin I originally wrote for just my own...
  9. NeoShima

    Aditional text to "Iavra pop-up plugin"

    I have "Iavra pop-up plugin" that allows me to make notify when a Player earns achievements. As I know, how it works: 1) Plugin draws window 2) Plugin draws icon, that I notice in "JSON" file 3) Plugin draws achievement title, that I notice in "JSON" file. And it looks like this (screenshot...
  10. kory_toombs

    VN Maker - Steam Achievements

    This is a tutorial on how to add Steam Achievements to your Visual Novel Maker Game. This tutorial will mostly deal with the SDK / File requirements needed for a Windows 64-bit version of your game. You should already have a Steam Direct Account and an App ID In your game you'll need to make a...
  11. Ceiphyr

    RMVXA Centauri

    CENTAURI (v1.8) 06/13/19 - v1.8 final update - good luck ! Synopsis Screenshots Known Bugs Download
  12. waynee95

    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    WAY_Achievements by waynee95 NOTE: I am no longer working with RPG Maker and have no interest in getting back into it. This means that I will NOT add any additional features to my plugins nor fix bugs unfortunately. Feel free to make edits yourself. Please refrain from contacting me privately...
  13. Gravemaster

    Cyanic's Steamworks Achievements - Modification

    Since I alternate quite a bit between Steam and non-Steam versions of my projects (without counting playtesting from the game editor itself), is it possibly to add a "try-catch" or something to Cyanic's script in order to avoid the game crashing when it tries to give achievements in a non-steam...
  14. casper667

    CGMV Achievements

    CGMV Achievements By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: 4/24/2021 Latest Version: 1.8 This plugin creates an achievement system in your game. You can set points, difficulty, and lots of other information for achievements. It also will automatically track some requirements, such as win...
  15. Tuomo L


    Hey, how do I incorporate Steam achievements?
  16. Freank

    We're looking for VX Games !

    Hi Guys ! We're making a script for Rpg Maker VX (and ACE) that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. It's the first time that is made a script like this for Rpg Maker Games. Now there aren't scripts that make this. The script is ... mhm... 80%...
  17. Zeriab

    Implementing Steamworks Achievements

    Implementing Steamworks Achievements Once you are on Steam you really should implement Steamworks Achievements Summary This tutorial will give an overview of the possibilities for implementing Steamworks Achievements depending on your RPG Maker version. Requirements Have access on steam...
  18. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1 Sarlecc   Introduction This plugin allows you to have achievements inside an RPG maker MV game. It is highly flexible allowing you to program your own achievement scene or to use one of the achievement scene style plugins I have provided.   Features -...
  19. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchvPack1 v1.0 (EXTENSION)

    XDE_X_AchvPack1 +v1.0 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin adds new achievements to the XDE_AchievementSys plugin. Features All the help is provided in the help section of the plug in. Here is a copy of that section:   Screenshots (Doesn't apply, is an extension!) How...
  20. xDGameStudios

    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchievementSys v1.2 (UPDATE NEW!!)

    XDE_AchievementsSys +v1.2 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin enables the creation of a achievement system that helps the developers to create more in-depth game mechanic. Features All the help is provided in the help section of the plug in. Here is a copy of that section:  ...

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