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    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

      When I was done playing Misao, The Mad Father and The Witch's House, I know I just have to make a horror RPG. They're very soulful yet so exciting and thrilling. I know I dont have any experiences with any RPG game productions, but I can assure you that I'll give my all to this...

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Daz3D has the weirdest number scheme for model generations...
Genesis 4 is the 4th generation and oldest currently available, Genesis 1 is the 5th generation, Genesis 2 is the 6th, 3 is the 7th.... And then it goes Genesis 8. So 4, 1, 2, 3, 8. So when looking through there story you have to remember that sometimes they'll say 6 but they mean 3, and vice versa. :kaoswt:
Would opening a topic with the tutorial be interesting?
Just finished my first Slip into Ruby since last July! It'll be up and added to the main post tomorrow, along with a new Jump into Javascript.
to pass the time.pngTesting out making boxes and packs of items. These things are always fun to do.

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