action battle system

  1. QueenTeaYT

    Action Battle System like The Crooked Man?

    Is there a way to fight sprites on a map instead of enter a battle system? I looked around and saw people calling this kind of fighting "action battle system," so I hope I used the right term. If there's a script to allow this, that's cool, but a vanilla VXA way would be nice. EDIT: On my own...
  2. Wabron

    RMMV A Broken Tale - Comedy Action Adventure (Voice-acted ABS game)

    Intro gameplay - We are making a game inspired by the 90's classics we grew up with as kids. Banjo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Conker etc. Its a comedy action adventure game. We use ABS combat. The Game is 100% voice acted. All the art and music are custom made. Its a open world game, though you...
  3. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV Hawk 51

  4. Lemonrice

    RMMV Aberrating Light - a horrifying love letter [ABS added]

    Well, after mentioning it in the October goals thread, I think it is time to finally introduce the concept I have been working on the past two weeks. So, let's begin! Genre: (Action) Horror Survival in a relatively modern environment Introduction All he wanted was to start over. Owen...
  5. definite_lee

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this...
  6. DJ_Omnimaga

    RM2k/3 Superstar Hero, futuristic action-RPG

  7. IneptAttoney_08

    RMVXA Anveria v.1.2

  8. Zumoto

    Redwood falls the demo 6.0 is out on Google play and

    Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about an upcoming game that's coming in the fall (11/30/2019). It is called Redwood falls, it is an ABS action /horror video game. Right now you can download it for free on...
  9. A bunch of tutorials

    Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now. Topic: - Define borders with coordinates Brief Description: - Use variables and coordinates to define...
  10. How well does RPG Maker handle dynamic mini games?

    I'm new to RPG Maker and I've been thinking about making an rpg game with little mini games as a core mechanic (think like Undertale's combat when dodging stuff). Would this be possible in RPG Maker? Or would I be better off going with GameMaker Studio?
  11. Ace of Spades

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure RPG

    SYNOPSIS A shipwrecked adventurer seeks shelter from the storm after their ship was struck by lightning. With no civilization in sight, the castaway climbed their way from the wreckage, only to stumble upon an ancient tomb. Venturing deep into the catacombs, the wanderer unwillingly releases a...
  12. MushReen

    Best Action Battle System (ABS)?

    Hello! I'm currently on my side project to make a dungeon crawler game with Action Battle System instead of Turn-Based one. I've already got the plugin. It is Quasi ABS and also Quasi Movement. But I found that the plugin doesn't compatible with Yanfly plugins. So, I'm about to find a new ABS...
  13. vico

    Secret of Mana-style co-op ARPG (not netplay)

    Hi! I was wondering if someone did this (or even if this is possible to make) for MV. Basically, a variaton of action battle system which each member of party can be controlled by different players. When the player 2 hits START (and there's more than one member in the party) the second member...
  14. DestinyBattle

    FREE Looking for a team of developers for a relatively short action RPG

    Engine: RPG Maker Ace Name of the game: Nost Concordia meaning "Our Harmony" Synopsis: Depression has been released from the Moon, and it’s disrupting the harmony in the Nerve System. A girl (unnamed yet), is forced out of her city and forced to find a way to stop the depression epidemic...
  15. Mando Jetii

    Help me find plugins for custom top view characters & ABS (RMMV)

    I'm trying to find a plugin that allows you to specify additional character animations. I've looked at Galv's Character Animations plugin, which allows you to specify idle, walk, run, & jump animations but doesn't allow for custom animations. What I'm looking for is a way to play an attack...
  16. Indsh

    Iv finished my ABS I just need one more idea....[RMMV]

    So I have finished my ABS. It has Multiple projectiles with different physics and physical effects on enemies and the environment plus can affect each other, many items from Armor that replenishes Mp in real time to throwable bombs, Your team fights with you with their own style and weapons...
  17. Tyrael79

    Anyone know of a working Action Battle System (ABS) plugin for RMMV?

    Hey Guys, Ive been looking around for an Action Battle System (ABS) plugin for RMMV for a while now, but I haven't been able to find a working one. Essentially all I'm after is a super simple ABS that works like the NES Zelda 1 games. E.G you press a button \ picture and your character...
  18. Pheonix KageDesu

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    Alpha ABS Version 1.2 Last build: 1044 (15.05.2019) by Pheonix KageDesu The real-time combat system. Easy to configure and learn. Has great functionality and is easily extensible. Features: Easy configuration system and fast start Mouse, keyboard, touch input supports Supported big...
  19. gilgamar

    Action Battle System Resources

    Resource Type: Character Action Sprites, Animated Projectiles, etc. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Any style is good. It's for demonstrative purposes. A consistent set of resources would be nice. Description:  I'm writing a rather large script for an Action Battle System. A lot of progress...
  20. gilgamar

    Plugins by Gilgamar

    NEW PLUGIN! I've been working on a simple ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV and so far it's coming along nicely. The plugin is setup as a suite of scripts. I call it simple, but it's really coming a long ways already in just the few days time I've spent on it. It supports custom spritesheets for...

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