action battle

  1. St.Rawerence

    [RPG Maker MV] [ARPG] (Steam) 闇行者 Dark Xingzer Ver.1.1.3 #Edit Menu And More Addlanguages.

    Heya, I'm St.Rawrence, here for the commercial of the game I made myself. Took me about a year to make, it's an ARPG with relatively higher difficulty, now released on Steam! Default language is traditional Chinese, since I'm a Taiwanese. However, you can adjust it on the title screen or main...
  2. NickFox2005

    Real Time Boss-Battle

    Hello! i'd like to ask something, how can you make a boss battle similiar to this in RPG Maker MV? It's been really bugging me and i think that this'll be useful for my horror game project!
  3. Shade Aurion

    Action Adventure Survival Horror - Need A Few Recommendations

    Delete Plz
  4. VicWhite

    Easy battle system?

    Hello community. I got myself very complicated with eventing for an action battle system for No longer the Earth.  I am developing a space horror adventure and I need this "shooter feature", nothing really complicated. I would need a battle system that allows to shoot enemies and that can...
  5. SWAMPFOOT9000

    (VXACE) A cross between a side view, and an action battle system.

    I've had this concept for a battle system tucked away in the back of my mind for a while now, and I think it's finally time to share my thoughts on it, considering I haven't seen this kind of battle system done anywhere else. My idea was a battle system in which you could see the battle on a...
  6. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Battle systems! VS!

    There are many types of battle systems but which do you prefer? I can't decide I like them all. Do you like several battles, not mind any? Or maybe you like one because you need to sprite or just paste and it's done. Which do you like? I have front view, side view, and action system down there.

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